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Which all-mountain ski for east coast?

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I am trying to decide between one of these skis for all-mountain twin tips. But first you need some information. 


I ski mainly in the East Coast USA, Killington, Okemo, Canon, Stowe, Mt.Snow, Sunapee, Loon, etc. so I will have to deal with some ice and crappy conditions.


I am 5 feet 8 inches tall and I weigh a very light 142 pounds. I am expected to experience a small growth spurt over the next year as well as a weight gain since I am just beginning a lifting program (Ima lanky dude).


I have been skiing since I was six and would describe my ability as an advanced intermediate to advanced skier I ski (more advanced). I am looking for a ski that I can grow with. I like to take both quick short turns as well as long carving turns. I want something that won't hold me back since I am feeling extra daring (and stupid) this year. :/


I am trying to decide between the 


Atomic Panic 2012 87mm waist


K2 Recoil 2012 90mm waist


Atomic Theory 2012 95mm waist


The Panic's seem to be the lightest and most agile of the 3 but will they hold up at high speeds. Also the Theory are supposed to be identical to the Panics except the Theory have a 95mm waist. 


I am not sure if the Theory would be too much for my size especially if I want something quick.


As far as the k2 it seems to be a bit more stable at high speeds than the panic but with less agility.


If anyone has any experience and could help me in my decision that would be greatly appreciated. If there is a better ski I should look at then tell me that too, thanks.


Also what length? Would 171-173 be a good length?  



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Not having had any experience on the skis you mentioned, I'm not very helpful in that regard.  

Those in the category that you seem to be looking that I have had experience with and would likely be great options to demo are, Blizzard Bushwacker and Dynastar legend  85(or 94)


If you're looking for more info on these skis, check the tags on the right of the page.


Hope this is helpful.


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Line Prophet 98 or Blend would also be good choices.  The Prophet is a light and nimble ski, but with the maple core and metal matrix, it is very grippy and stable at speed.  The 179 would be a fine choice for your size.  The Blend is a sidewall ski, and has a different feel than the P98.  Snappier, a little more playful, but still a very capable hard snow and mixed condition ski.  A little less agressive sidecut means a touch more versatility in turn shape.  The Prophet is an excellent ski. The only area it regularly receives criticism in is that it is turny, and can feel hooky in some conditions.

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