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Time to buy MTN

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MTN is Vail resorts. I buy the stock almost every year. It tends to run up from late summer to around Christmas. Averages about a 40-50% move.

Then I take my profits and hit the slopes. Lets see, Vail or Aspen this year?

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Charts show it would have worked 7 out of the last 12 years, but there was a sustained uptrend for many of those years so any buy and hold would have been a winner. I'll pass.

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I agree, I think MTN is a good seasonal play.  Even though I never buy it, I always watch it.  If it starts snowing in early October and their Q1 report comes out at around the same time with it's usually dismal earnings, buy it.  For some reason Wall St usually let's the stock tank because they haven't figured out that ski resorts by their very nature lose boatloads of money in September.  So, if the snow is holding up good through November and then good through December, and especially if you hear about lots of problems finding parking places there, keep it all the way through their Q3 reporting in April.  

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