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Blizzard Atlas Experts

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Read a few sites that mention the 2010 Blizzard Atlas having a "reverse camber utility rocker - raised tip and tail". (see below) This is not mentioned in 09/10 Atlas descriptions or any epicski Atlas reviews. Does the 2010 Atlas have a utility rocker?


Also, can anyone compare the Mythic 178 to the Atlas 180. Interested in varied turn shapes, scrubbing in the steeps, float, crud, maneuverability.




  • IQ Max Slider System permits 7cm of adjustability for different binding positioning and acts as an interface between the ski and any binding you wish to attach that day -- be it alpine, AT or telemark
  • Ideal for freeriding, big mountain and powder
  • Reverse camber utility rocker features a raised tip and tail
  • Fiberglass top sheet and titanium-reinforced wood core
  • IQ-Max Sandwich Compound sidewall construction and sintered base
  • Waxable
  • Sidecut dimensions: 131/94/117cm
  • Turn radius: 21m
  • Core: Wood
  • Edge: Steel
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The Atlas never had "utility rocker"... The Answer did but not the Atlas.

post #3 of 6 rocker on the Atlas.


While I can't compare them to the Mythic, I can tell you they EAT crud.  They don't even notice it's there.


Float.....a little.  You're good up to about 16 inches or so if the pow is fairly soft or if you are really light weight.


They are great at speed on groomed terrain.  I followed Bob Peters one early morning at Jackson on some fairly firm stuff and the Atlas just had fun on it.


They are "OK" in bumps, though not terribly responsive.  You do need to be patient and wait for them a little.  Push them....they push back...and they win.


What else ?




I have a pair of  09/10 Titan Atlas' for sale here in the gear forum.  Let me know !

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Appreciate the info. Will a 180 do varied turn shapes in the steeps fairly easily? Short to med turns, scrub the tail without it hanging up? The MR does this well, does require effort for short turns but no problem when driven.  


Will check out the classfieds.

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We have some 180 11 Atlas's, PM me for price. 

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Found this review from Dawgcatching regarding the 2010 Atlas - "tip and tail rise". 



Blizzard Titan Atlas 180cm: new ski, 94mm underfoot, similar profile to the Argos in terms of tip and tail rise.....

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