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What boot to get/keep

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I saw a boot fitter recently and he said my left foot is a mondo 25.5 and my right is 26.5. My width seems to be closer to a "C" width vs a "D" width. He recommended me a Rossignol boot in a 120 flex. I'm 5'8" 150 lbs and an advanced skier but NO expert-pro. The boot he recomended was 120 flex with a 98 last.

My concern is this(I bought the boots already. size 25.5. will stretch if needed) that the 120 is too stiff(fitter thinks he can "soften" them easily) or buy the same type of boot in a 100 or 110 flex and a 100 last??
The boot I bought 
Rossignol Zenith Pro 120 Comp Ski Boots
The boot's I'm considering
Rossignol Zenith Sensor3 100 or 110
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congrats on your new boots they will probably fit great and especially wonderful is that your fitter new to sell you the stiffer boot.  There is no way to compare numbers between manufacturers or even to know what the numbers of each manufacturer actually mean but that said 100 is usually a fairly soft boot and I often use it for intermediate women that weigh 30 lbs less than you.  Softer boots cannot be made stiffer, but stiff boots can be made softer.  Go ski, if they are too stiff the fitter will soften them easily.



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