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Heading down to the Bolton Valley ski sale this afternoon.  It's being pitched as a big event.


Are there usually good deals to be had, or is mostly cast of stuff?


Any suggestions about what to look for at it (ie. should I focus on soft goods, or skis, or something else)?


What do we need?  Nothing.  My wife wants a pair of powder skis, but she'll probably want to demo before buying.  I could use a pair of race/carving skis for those icy days before the woods open up when there's nothing to ski but groomers.  I'm going to try to get my daughter on skis this season, she'll only be 2 in October though so I can't see it being too serious, so I'm not even sure I want to get her real skis and boots.  I'm always on the prowl for soft goods, but certainly don't need any.


Thanks for any suggestions.