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Need new *white* bindings for LINE Prophet Flite 2011 90 mm

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Hey guys,


Have to put new bindings on my Line Prophet Flite 2011 90mm. I had Saloman STH 12 (White/Black) last year, they looked great but performance was shit, and they required repairs several times last year.


I want to buy new bindings for the upcoming season, definitely want them mostly in white. Give a nice look. I was leaning towards marker bindings. Can anyone recommend bindings that fits this criteria, or tell me what marker bindings are in this video?



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great looking skis. as for bindings, i would deffinitly recomend markers. great construction.

as for the bindings in the video, im almost 100% sure that those are 2011 marker griffons.


Good skiing to you.

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You can find White Head Mojo 15's on ebay in the $150-$200 range from a couple years ago.  Brand new.  I think they come with a 93mm brake too.  Perfect.





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I have had and still have several pair of Salomon STH bindings(both Driver and "non") and have had no problem with any of them. The Driver series is probably more durable.                    STH 14 drivers on EVO.com

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My first day out on them I was carving on a groomer, hit a rut and fell and tumbled when I shouldn't have fallen. Ski popped off and was like wtf? looked at my brake and clearly got caught under my ski somehow, and was bent under. I had to bend in the brake to get the ski back on, problem is the brake wouldn't go down when my skis were off.


Later in the year on my other ski the brake and base were just coming apart on both. I was just like fuck this.


What are some of the top brands when it comes to bindings? I have had markers on my K2's a few years ago, had zero problem with them. Probably was skiing better on those shit bag k2 rangers w/ marker bindings lol


I did find the marker bindings I had wanted last year, they are hard to find now. They are on ebay for $175, but come with 110mm brake. I could use these and get the 90mm brake and install myself no? http://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-Marker-Griffon-Bindings-12-0-/320752395589?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4aae552545

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Better question to ask, how much do you think labor is going to cost me to get the sth 12 off and get new ones on?

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I have some lightly used Griffons w/90mm brakes.


I am selling them for $150


Pm me if interested

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Those are Marker Griffons in the video and FWIW they do have a small amount of delta (2-3mm) almost flat, some of those other nice white bindings have a huge amount of foward lean, i dont know what kind of boots you own but if they already have alot of ramp angle built in and paired with the wrong bindings it will have you way forward. Lots of people buy bindings because they look good on there skis, then wonder why there quads are on fire after one run skiing in the back seat. I have a pair of Griffons on my LPs and have never had a problem with them.

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