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Salomon freeflex Z12 and Z14 "speed"

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I've been looking for bindings to mount on my flat atomic crimson TIs. Originally I was searching for Tyrollia powerrail, but those are very hard to find...

For this season Salomon has introduced a freeflex system binding that you can mount on flat skis. The "z14 speed" bindings are on the Salmon website and my local dealer says he can get them for me. I cant find any reviews, description or even any mention of these bindings anywhere online, has anyone had the chance to see or try them? Any information would be appreciated.


Link to the bindings:



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Hello. If you are still interested in Tyrolia/Head Powerrail 10/11 bindings they can be found on the Head Shopatron Web Site - Powerrail Power-D12 with 88mm wide brakes new @ $179. plus $10 shipping. If you want the older Railflex model or Freeflex model check out   levelninesports.com   JMD

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Z-toe is ewwww.

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not sure the definition of "ewwwww", but I think I agree.


Salomon gave me some Z's to replace broken 912 Ti's. Worst binding I ever owned. Had to sell them off for nothing. They are so sensitive to snow in the binding that they are useless as a powder binding. Real life observation. Skis come on and off here many times a day; once stood their messing with it on a powder day for several minutes while people streamed by me at the top of the bootpack. That was the day they came off the skis for good. And the day of my break with Salomon over what is now a trust issue regarding their bindings (Seths may be fine), broken Ti's and poorly designed Z's. finito!

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JMD, the problem is that I still need someone who works with tyrolia bindings to mount them, I wouldnt want to experiment with trying to mount the bindings myself...


As far as Z binding comments, is that true for both Z12 and Z14??

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I agree mounting bindings yourself without proper tools and training can be a very expensive learning experience. I have all of my bindings that need drilling mounted for me by a quality shop. Many shops have the jig for the older Tyrolia/Head Railflex Bindings. The newer Powerrail model requires a different jig that few shops carry. I have no experience with the Salomon Bindings. Good luck with your search. JMD

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the number indicates the weight of the spring, primarily. the construction would generally be the same. I'm extrapolating there, however, as I've never had hands on. it is the general design that gave me fits.

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