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marker duke breaks

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so my buddy bought the duke last year, going with the assumption that they were a bomb proof binding as they are advertised. well, third day out on em, he slurves hard in about 8 " new snow, and the mounting screw stripped and the binding sheared off the ski. hes not really that big either. which is why i was so surprised. hes about 6 foot 210 pounds.

has this happened to anyone else? or is this just a defective product? i still cant believe a " bomber" binding like this would break so easily

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Dang...if the mounting screw stripped I would be more concerned about who mounted it - sounds like it was over-tightened on mounting. But either way, your buddy should take it back to whomever mounted it and have them weigh in. Probably contact Marker too. I've been using the Baron for two seasons - hiking a bit of Mad River and skiing a lot at the Bush and MRG with no complaints.

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A binding ripping from a ski topskin is not a binding failure. The duke is fastened with more screws than most other bindings.  It is possible the holes were drilled wrong, or the ski may not have had reinforcement under the binding mount area.  What kind of skis were these on?  Professional mount, or garage?

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they were mounted on a pair of 10-11 atomic bent chetlers, proffesionally mounted. thats why its so crazy. ive never heard of this happening before

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