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Its really scary weather summer in New England. I live in NH and work in Springfield MA. In june we had a Tornado, then earthquake ( I guess that really isn't weather) and finishing off with a Hurricane. I live just outside of Brattleboro VT and could not believe the devastation.


I hope that everyone else across VT is safe and dry.


Lets just hope for a lot of deep fluffy snow this winter, come back to VT for some skiing. The VT local economy needs our support!




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gotamagal is correct.  The section that collapsed is the Superstar Pub addition.  A sit down restaurant only used on weekends and holidays.  Damage to the resort infastructure is minor.  Killington just announced that the planned opening in late October-early November is still on track.  While probably not fixed permanently, roads will be patched by then and the ski season will be fine.

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its amazing to think that this much damage could be caused in such a short amount of time.  It would be a disaster if the major ski resorts couldn't get at least one major road opened for snow season.

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Hopefully they can get Route 4 fixed in time for ski season. I wonder if the roads up to Hartland/White River Jct VT area from MA are accessible since I am going up there next weekend. I am worried they will not have enough money to fix everything. 

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Vermonters have risen to the challenge - a bunch of roads that were 'out' have become passable, at least for emergency vehicles if not for full traffic. This is probably the best resource for those of us who frequent the back roads:




I suspect that VTrans will have most of the state highways operable shortly. Getting to WRJ on 91/89 isn't an issue at the moment. Getting over rt 4 to Killington may still be.

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Been away for a few days on the Southern Jersey shore, where there wasn't much shore damage at all and it seemed like the beach actually had sand dumped on it instead of washing away. I got a brief note from my instructor friend at Whiteface, who is also a river guide in the Ausable chasm. He told me bridges were washed away and the river was running 80 feet above where it had been when we visited last year. 

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The reconstruction of Rte 4 is well under way...



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This cool map shows what's still going on across Vermont... still a lot of work to do from Irene and Lee.



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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Here is an article in the NY Times about how Vermont has bounced back from the hurricane.


I wonder how much the lack of snow (and touron $$$) has hurt the recovery?   


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