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Dynastar Legend Sultan

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Did Dynaster Legend drop the Sultan name?  Have there been any changes to the Legend line for 2012?



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Looks like the top sheets changed as did the name to Legend 85  http://www.dynastar.com/US/US/dynastar-skis-men-freeski.html  but other than that, the same ski.  The Legend 105 is new for this season.  You would have received a faster answer posting in the "Ski Gear Discussion" Forum.wink.gif

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Not quite the same ski.  I just saw the 94's side by side w/ last year's.  While last year's 'rocker' didn't really exist, or at least hardly at all, this year's rockered 94 has noticeable tip splay -- about 1/2 cm+ apart @ what would be normal contact point, & rocker goes back about 12" or about 1/3 into the mid body of the tip .  Last year's & this year's seemed to hand flex about the same, & widths & sidecuts are the same

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