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WTB: Dalbello Krypton

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want to buy Dalbelo Krypton , size:28

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There are several models of Krypton.  What model are you looking for Pro, Cross, Kryzma, Storm......?

Bud Heishman has some in his shop.  I'll go by today and see what he has.


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thats right,, i want Pro, 

by the way i own seth morrison fulltilt 2011 new with box at sizee 27.5 let me know if he has and maybe we can do something like trade in same time paying aditional fees..

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Bud has a 2011 Krypton Cross in stock in a 27.5, but no Pros.

Not sure what his 2012 inventory is looking like but I'll check on that today.


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look for 28

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