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3 boot options

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this seasson im planning to buy new boots but still not sure which pair the best for me

im on:

Lange RX 110

Dalbello Krypton

Salomon Ghost


anyone can make a quick review/compare?


thank you

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buy the one that fits YOU the best?   They are alll 98-100mm lasts, the kryton is a 3 prt boot, the others 2 prt. but see what feels best to you.   No one else (online nerds, your friends, or even your boot fitter) can read your mind to see what is best.


or just buy the red ones.

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yeah thats true but they are same in quality to ? coz the price is extremly expensive for krypton pro!

ive heard many good words for krypton, lange 120 is acceptable price!

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just need ur opinion for these boots..

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yes,  they are all good boots

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thank you

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As has been said they are all good boots, but all different in terms of fit, shape etc if a boot fitter was suggesting one of them for you then I wouldn't be concerned, if however you are taking pot luck and picking one on line then you are taking a big gamble with your comfort and performance for the season.

Get yourself to a local fitter and see what they say, they will back up their work and do any fitting which is required

Good luck getting sorted smile.gif
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i did with dalbello 28 is the right size for me, thnx for tips..

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i own salomon spk 27.5 and is very hard for me to put my leg on it.i have to take out the liner than out together otherwise can wear my boots, i bought seth morrison 27.5 cant fit so i have to sell.

i was thinking to go with 28/28.5, one more question

krypton pro is tightly than lange?

krypton pro is more adjustable is it better to go with lange 120 or 130 whats the difference, anyone own htese types?

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Originally Posted by mntlion View Post

or just buy the red ones.

see the above post

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definitely im going with lange rx 110 with 28/28.5 this time, coz with FT couldnt even fit my foot on it [27.5]

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the full tilt has an intutition liner that will not fit until it is properly heated up in a special oven. so there is no way that it could have felt comfortable out of the box.


that is the case with the kryton pro as well. it normally comes with an intuition i.d. liner that will not feel very good until the heat molding process is completed.


this should bring you back to figuring out what size boot you really need, before you start deciding on the model or brand.


it might be a good idea to go to a place that has some boots in stock and a measuring tool to help determine your foot size.


have you considered going to a ski shop?



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i agree but first of all the foot must fit first and my foot at 27.5 with fulltilt couldnt fit even put in my foot on the boot..

i agree with ski shop but we dont have in my country,, actually they dont ahve advanced-expert ski boots. thats the main problem.

but i think im going with 28 / 28.5 since had problem with spk 27.5 to..

thnx to everyone for tips!

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my last attempt,, my size is 28.5 now im not sure which boots should i choose:


Lange RX 130 LV
Full Tilt Seth Morrison Pro
Dalbello IL Moro T


cant go with krypton pro coz dont have in store.. which one u suggest?

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If you need to choose one of those three and you are sure the size is right, then I suggest the Lange. Here's why: the FullTilt and Dalbello both have Intuition liners which will need to be 'cooked' in order for them to be molded and fit to your feet. You say there is no one that can even fit you in your country, so getting them molded will be a major problem. Keep it simple, buy the Lange.

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hmm maybe i can do home molding?? ive heard lange 130 are to stiffy for trees skiin rather than FT ?!!

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you might not ruin the liners if you try to mold them yourself... so yeah, you could do home molding.


The Lange has a very different flex from the FT or Dalbello, it's not better or worse, just different. The 3 piece cabriolet designs have a deep, smooth forward flex that feels like it just keeps going. Traditional boots have a 'stop' where the upper shell hits the lower clog. I personally don't like the feel of the cabrio boots and prefer the feel of a 2 piece overlap, but that's just me. The Lange 130 isn't very stiff, I'd say it feels more like a 120... but this is all personal preference. None of us can tell you what will be better for you.


Start with a proper shell check/fit. This can't be over emphasized, the shell needs to be correct or nothing else will matter. This is the most important step, don't skip it or guess, check the shell fit.

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or back to buy the red ones...


all the boots you "picked" are great but only IF THEY FIT. and we can't see your feet, hear your feedback, or tell you what will work best.



odds are you will buy something too big and to stiff how ever.. (just because most people do)

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