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Smith Goggle/Giro Helmet Compatibility

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I'm going to be getting some Smith IO goggles soon (I'll also be using Giro Manifest depending on conditions), and also a new Giro helmet to replace my Fuse (I love all the Giro helmets I've owned, I definitely want another Giro). I was initially considering the Omen, but I saw on reviews that it isn't compatible with most Smith goggles. I'm considering the Talon or G10 but would be open to others as well. Will Smith goggles work with either/both of these models? I also have a Giro Remedy S CF, will Smith goggles work with it? Thanks.

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i sure hope they fit b/c i plan on buying the smith io as well and i have the giro G10 helmet confused.gif

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Here's what I saw on the subject: 'The clip that holds the goggle strap in place is a very odd design (that, as far as I can tell, is only used on this helmet by Giro.)  This does NOT work well with any goggle strap that has a snap-together clasp in the middle (like almost all Smith goggles do).'


And a few other people said similar things. Taking it from http://www.epicski.com/products/giro-omen-helmet

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I own the Giro 10 and have used it with the I/O, Prodigy, and Prophecy goggles.  All of them are compatible and work well for me.

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i have the I/O and Giro Seam helmet and they fit fine together. 

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Thanks for the info. I'll probably get the G10, Seam, or Talon, so if anyone knows if the Talon will work please let me know. Also any input on Seam vs. G10 would be welcome. Thanks.

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I've got a G10 and finally was able to make it fit with my Oakley A-Frames by adjusting the forward tilt of the helmet.  This is not widely publicized, but important...




Not sure if this is still current, but it helped me.  Keep in mind that the shape of your head and face can change the compatibility situation quite a bit, even if the stuff works together for someone else.

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I found a review on another website that says the Talon works fine with Smith goggles (and specifically says that it does while other helmets do not), so I'm probably going to go with the Talon. Thanks everyone who has offered information/advice.

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Smith goggles = gnarly


Smith helmets = killer


Smith goggles + Smith helmets = fucking gnar kill


But, seriously I love Smith goggles and helmets, and they fit very well together. Seemless fit and enhanced venting. Giro is just not for me. Sorry, if you're dead set on Giro and this doesn't help but I think its worth considering.

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I'll try on a Smith before I buy a Giro if I get the chance. Thanks for the suggestion.

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just bought the i/o goggles and put them on my G10 helmet.  i was able to get the strap around the helmet just fine and there weren't any gaps btwn the helmet & goggle for me.  i can't wait to hit the mtn this year with the new goggles  ski.gif

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I got the G10 and IO. The G10 works well with the IO and Manifest.

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I tried some helmet/goggles on this weekend and for me:

A-Frame and G10 - finger sized gap
Crowbar and g10 - Fit perfect
Smith IO and G10 - Little bit of a gap, I would say about half a cm

I decided to go with the IO and G10 because they looked the best imo
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