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Watea "Powder Hull" &Touring??

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I was wondering if the powder hull on the fatter watea was an issue for skin attachment and touring. I've used the 84's and like the line as they are stiff for the weight with the carbon i-beams, but want something wider 101, or 114 which has the hull. The base of the tip also has 15cm of edge material so does that wear skins prematurely? and do certain skins attachment fit better? Any first hand info would be great. Thanks.

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Since the three widest skis in that line are called back country twin tips, I'd assume that traditional skins should work fine, or they'd offers something special in their catalog.  After all, they're BC skis, eh?

Because I don't have personal experience with these and skinning, I checked the catalog.  They don't offer anything special, so I'll go back to my first thought which is that traditional skins should work.

If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me.


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Thanks Trekchick,


Its what I figured, it should go on since even if the skin does not glue flush to the tip, there is little grip offered up there. The metal edge at the bottom of the hull does worry me though.


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The metal edge at the bottom of the hull does worry me though.

 I've never skinned with my Watea's, so can't speak from first hand experience.... however, the metal edge that runs down the center of the hull tip is flush with the base, so there's no sharp 'edge' to the metal piece. It doesn't look like it would cause much of a problem with tearing the skins.


Also, there is a notch on the tail (Watea 98's, but not on the wider twins)...somewhere I seem to recall hearing that it is purposefully there for attaching skins.. ?




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Thanks, I did not realize the hull's edge is flush with the base, makes sense now though as the hull is sort of like rocker so the skin and snow are not really in contact on the edge


As for the tail, all the flat wateas (84,88,94,101) come with skin attachment point while the two larger one's have the swallow tail. 


Now I just need to decide which width, thanks for the info

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I bought a pair of Watea 94s recently and asked the seller (Sport Conrad in Germany) for a skin recommendation. They did say the hull design limits the number of skin types that will work well. I can tell you which skin I ultimately bought on their recommendation if you're interested. I haven't used the skis yet.

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That information would be great, thanks prickly. On another note

are you using your watea as a sidecountry / touring ski, and did you pick a binding?

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slight derail, as a favor, tell me how the hull feels and works in the pow and crud. I have been interested in this since it was invented.

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The hull feels great. Every time I run my hand over it. Skis are still in plastic, of course.


These are the skins I got:



I haven't mounted the skis yet, but I bought a pair of Barons based on this discussion:


Thanks ptex1

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slight derail, as a favor, tell me how the hull feels and works in the pow and crud. I have been interested in this since it was invented.


I've got the Watea 94's (in an earlier post I mistakenly typed 98), they've got the hull. I skied about 40 days on them last season - they were my daily 'go to" skis.  Theoretically, they are supposed to work like the hull or bow of a boat, cutting through pow and crud and displacing the snow to the side - the same as a boat's bow would do in water. Whether this is really happening or not, hard to say.  I don't really 'feel' anything different than other similar, non-hull skis. They do 'feel' great and ski really well in pow, crud and hard pack - but I don't really notice a different feel from a similar shaped ski that has some tip rocker, but no hull tip.  What I'm trying to say is that I don't feel any different sensation when skiing  that I can distinguish as being a  different 'feel' caused by the hull tip design.  

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I've got the 94's - will have a look at the hull and skins issue later but my question is are you really sure you want to do much touring with them - they are heavy!!!

Unless you've got em already or got a line on em really cheap I'd think there are many better touring choices in this width range.

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You raised a good point I ignored. I had the watea 84's and like them with dynafits here on the EC as they are easy up

and still stiff enough to charge the down. You are right in that I have a deal lined upped. I have been helping out at the

fischer distrb. center here in montreal before I move out west for a while, so i do have a deal. I had a chance to weight

the lineup during lunch the other day, and you are right for longer, serious touring the 94 is quite heavy.


Watea Weights (In Packaging, so subtract ~0.2lbs)

84, 176cm 7.5lbs

88, 176cm 7.6

84, 178cm 8.5

98, 186cm  8.7

114, 186cm 10.35

120, 189cm 11.35


So my dilemma is that I have a great deal on these skis, which I am not complaining about, and I like the older 114 as a

powder ski, so the 120 would be a fun pow ski. That said, a howitzer which is light and fat would probably suit my needs best

Thanks for any insights.




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