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Bonafide vs Cochise

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Thoughts on Blizzard Bonafide vs Cochise for a daily driver on the West Coast .

Personal opinion: Bonafide for anything under 12-18" then bring out the pow skis.

I am here:,-159.497023
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I got to ski on both for a short time last season.  I liked them both, but as a daily driver I would choose the Bonafide out of the two.


"What lengths do they come in?", would be my next question.


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I ordered the Cochise with the idea that I'd bring them out any time there was more than a few inches, since part of the appeal seems to be how they can handle any conditions and are supposed to be spectacular on firm snow for a ski that's 108mm underfoot.  And I'll fall back to my 88" skis when it hasn't snowed at all or very little.


I suspect my kendos will get a bit neglected this season, but that's only because I have to drive 2 1/2 - 3 hours to Tahoe, so I'm far more likely to go when it's dumping than when it hasn't snowed in days.  If you already have powder skis for the really deep days, seems like the Bonafides would make more sense as a daily driver.  The Cochise might be too redundant.

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I already have a large quiver, but I am going to pickup the Bonafide.  I love my DPS Wailer 112s, but here in Colorado we generally don't get a lot of huge dumps (last season being quite the exception) and the Wailers 112s have so much float (190cm) that there were many times I wanted to be more down in the snow.  So my plan for this season is to ski the Bones in anything fresh up to about 12" before pulling out the Wailer 112s.


If I didn't already have the Wailer 112s I might be more inclined to pickup the Cochise.

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I'm trying to figure out where the Cochise fits in the quiver. Seems like the Bonafide covers anything up to deeper pow at which point you switch to a more pow oriented ski say 115+?
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Haven't skied Cochise, but seems like 105-110 is a OSQ these days for West. 95-100 and 115-130 is 2SQ...
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Ok, this is a (somewhat) third party reference, take it for what it's worth:


Bonafide: skied it, I was really impressed with it, and another on this site who skis a whoooole lot better than me loves it dearly, rips it on anything from groomers to 3' of pow and swears by it.  I saw him struggle on boilerplate with it where my MX88s did fine, but that was a matter of waiting for lunchtime...


Cochise:  it seems to be a solution in search of a question in the lower 48.  Flat camber, big mountain ski that in the words of the above "sometimes I skied it, sometimes it skied me...'  It seems like it would be more than you wanted if you are looking for a 80% solution, which is more or less what we all want for the daily driver.  


As for length, if you you are considering the 187 instead of 180 at all, it sounds like you are hoping for more ski in general, in which case something like the 105mm 2012 Dynastar Pro Rider might be your huckleberry anyway.

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