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Things kids say

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OK, you young'uns might not appreciate this but I just have to share.


My daughter (age 12, straight A student) just relayed a conversation she had had with one of her teachers this last spring. This was on a Monday after we had played hooky the previous Friday at Crystal Mountain. She had admitted taking off to go skiing.


Teacher: "You don't seem even a little ashamed to admit you skipped school to go skiing."


Daughter: "Hey, it was a win-win for everybody. You didn't have to put up with me in class, and I didn't have to put up with you in the lift lines."

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That's funny.

I have a daughter just a couple years older that is quick witted and is known to reply with "edgy" comments.

I appreciate other parents having to listen to teachers ask during parent teachers conferences "So. Which one of you gave her the sharp tongue?"
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That's funny. I have 14, 12 and 9 y.o. boys and could easily imagine the older ones making such a remark. It would be an effort to remain stern-faced and scolding upon hearing of it.

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Goggle tanned and socially conflicted, mine might say: " the school doesn't lose money from the budget, let's just go with the note my dad gave me that says I had a fever ." (FRIDAY POWDER FEVER! yahoo.gif)


I recall teaching him figure 8's when he was about 4 or 5. He would shriek and giggle every time he crossed behind me. Cracked me up to  hear him so delighted with the game. 

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Good stuff - a good teacher would be able to laugh at that considering your daughter gets good grades.  Next time tell her to tell the teacher that she was feeding her addiction to a white powdery substance...  :-)

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I love your kid and I haven't even had the pleasure of a meeting.


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