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Easy in and out boots

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Being old and having messed up feet, I need some advice on a boot. I have been skiing in race boots for 40 years now and found that with old age comes a lot less flexibility and a lot more pain putting on and taking off my boots in the cold parking lots. What is the easiest boot to get into and out of that still has a fair amount of performance and can be punched out to accommodate some serious knots on the forefoot? Two boots that were suggested were the Atomic Hawx and the Full Tilt. Apex and Dodge boots are much too expensive to consider.

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the FTi shell is 102, can be punched, warm adn light with the intuition liner, and 3 part shell is easy to get on.  Also look at the kyrpton.


Not sure about the atomic,  looks like a normal 2 prt shell to me (just like more other boots,  no better or worse)

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Not to be smart but consider this as a solution to getting them on.  Try sitting comfortably in a chair in the lodge.  Never understood the benefit of putting on cold boots in a muddy parking lot.  Now that said there is a wonderful product called the Hot Gear bag that will definitely solve your problem getting the boots on.  That said getting them off will remain the same.


Have you ever tried the one beer trick?



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I have  the Hot Gear bag and it works great for putting the boots on. What is the one beer trick? Sitting in a warm lodge is not an option for where I ski. New boots are in order and the easy on and off is the most important feature that I am looking for.

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