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Some Stoke and a Favor...

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Hey EpicSki, skifishbum sent me over from TGR to share some stoke from Kirkwood this past season.  The chute is called "once is enough" (is there one of those everywhere?).  I'm on teles and I've had my far share of laughs up there - dudes chiding their friends who turn around because a girl is dropping it on teles.  But during this shot, I just watched a friend of mine who I consider a better skier, completely yard sale - which is probably why I reacted how I do at the end of the run.


I wanted to share some stoke and then ask you guys for a favor.  I am trying to win a contest on Facebook from Mike's Hard Lemonade called "Mike's Hard Sports."  The background is that I've been joking about being sponsored by Mike's for the past 5 years.  I also want skiing to win over "sports" like cornhole, kickball, and flag football.  Here is the video I submitted:



If you think it's worth your time, vote here:


And if you want more background, check out my blog ( for a better explanation of why I want to win and some cool videos and trip reports.


Thanks EpicSki and looking forward to contributing to the community in the future.



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This tele chica  rips as hard or harder than most bears on half the binding

and if you could take a little time from guruin

watch the viddy and possibly log into face book and cast a vote or share the link with other skiers perhaps people will stop by and bestoy the stoke

or some tele chicaz guruages

way I see it boobs, skis hard, reppen booze

=3 votes

If she posts a picture of her furkid 4


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Voted! laughed at your buddy's rodeo bike!

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Voted.  Good luck.

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Thanks guys!  Yeah, that rodeo bike was hilarious.  Check it out!


rodeo bike




Thanks again... finally broke into the top 10!  I'm going to spend the next 20 min reading up on SFB's jargon.  

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Originally Posted by h-atlas View Post


Thanks again... finally broke into the top 10!  I'm going to spend the next 20 min reading up on SFB's jargon.  

Ha ha shep looks toasted. Best way I've found to understand SFB's meanings is to read it aloud like poetry, just be careful who's listening.


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Im orgininizing the decoder ring group buy on tgr

and a sfbumpages for telechicas  bikini clad boobages & most eggsalad stokages

I think her weight distrobution might be on the wrong ski comein out of the chute

can we gt some good psia input on this?

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If you look closely, you'll notice that my left boob is bigger - maybe affecting the weight distribution.  Maybe inserts would help? 


Thanks everyone for voting... elated to be in the top 10. 

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looking closer....

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Things are getting more interesting around here. 


That's worth a vote.

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Bumping with some summer skiing stoke.  Still some sizeable patches out at Carson Pass... good enough for 600-800 vert.


August turns
Pumped since the whole patch you see was skiable
My dog is 12 and has 3 legs.  He had no problem on this hike last year... what a difference a year makes.


Thanks Epic Ski!


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today is the last chance to vote for the girl with the abnormally large left boob. can you imagine if she won a case of mike hard limeade. we'd all get a sip!!

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