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Armada TST 160 or 174

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Hopefully going to pick up the new TST from Armada when they become available (hopefully soon). I was wondering if I should go for the 160 or the 174. I've never skied a rockered ski before and have heard they ski a bit short. I'm 5ft 8" 140lbs advanced/expert skier.
Also thought of pairing them with some Salomon STH 14 bindings... Thoughts? 

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183, don't size it like a front side groomer ski.

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Agreed,  I just got my 183's and the rocker on them starts very deep into the ski. I put them on the ground by my sisters 174 Salomon Czars and the contact points on front and back of the cambered mid section was about the same as the Czars.  So ya, I expect these to ski pretty short.

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thats true..

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183, don't size it like a front side groomer ski.


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im planing to take TST to,, i own hellbent k2 but i need to give a shot with armada TST to..

im 6 ft and planing to get 183

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forgot to mention, make an small review for TST..

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This review inspired me to buy a pair.  I think they are going to work well and will add my 2 cents in Dec/January.


O and I saw them on now.

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