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What should I choose

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Hey everyone. I am new to the whole forum based advice thing, so if I say something "unorthodox", don't hate me for it smile.gif.


You have all seen these before, but I just can't get my finger on it. I am buying my first ever pair of skis (and all the things that come with it: bindings, poles, etc.) I have looked at a couple, including volkl ac30/50, blizzard magnum 7.4/7.6. I am 5'6" and weigh about 125 lbs. I am fairly advanced and prefer groomed slopes over powder, but also like moguls. If you can recommend one of these over the other or another ski altogether, that would be great!



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You don't mention boots, which are way more important than skis.  With properly fitted boots(done by a bootfitter) I can ski any ski and most likely have a good time.  With ill-fitting boots, I won't have a very good time no what ski I'm on.

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volkl AC30 (which are no longer made) , but you may also want to try the K2 Aftershock, it's softer for the bumps.  

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Where I live, there is going to be a big pre-season blowout on ski equipment, including boots, so I'll have people there recommend me a pair and I will try on a lot. Skis, however, I won't be able to tell how good they are until I go on the mountain (I don't think I will get the opportunity to demo any). That's why I'm asking for ski and binding advice, not boots.

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