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Twin-Tip Mantra?

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Hey everybody, so far I've been a silent reader, but time has come to speak, as I have a question.


I usually ski moguls and I do have a Mad Trix Mogul as well as a Voelkl Rebellion, which are both awesome skis.

However, I do want to get a ski for when there are no moguls...


I skied the Voelkl Mantra before, and I have to say that I liked the Tip rocker very very much, and I would get that ski, if it'd be a twin-tip.


So my question is, do you have any recommendations for a ski that is as stiff as a Mantra, has a tip/front rocker and is a twin-tip?

The only twin-tip I found is last years Line Prophet's 90, but it doesn't have a rocker...


Any help, tips or hints are greatly appreciated!



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It's not going to be as stiff as the mantra, but you might want to check out the Volkl Bridge - which is a twin tip.  Typically the twin tips aren't going to be as stiff because most skiers who want a twin tip want it specifically for its playful attributes.  I assume this is your reasoning?  Park stuff, landing switch, etc.?

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That's a good hint. Thank you.

The reason why I want a twin-tip, is that I'll mount a telemark binding, and I really like driving backwards with telemarks...

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The guys over at Blister Gear reviews really liked the Bridge as JT has also suggested.


You need to provide height, weight and location for more accurate suggestions.


Oh, welcome to the site.



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If you like the Prophets, the lineup for 2012 is supposed to have some early rise in the tip...or so I read somewhere.

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I'm 6 foot tall, and weigh about 160 pounds. Most of my skiing will be in Germany, as move there by the end of the year.


The Bridge might very well be an alternative, another one I just found is the K2 Kung Fujas from 2010, any experience with this one?

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You just missed a killer deal on some Mojo 94's in gear swap, those would have been perfect for you.


I understand the Prophet 98 is slightly stiffer than the older P100, so that could work.


The Blizzard Bushwacker is getting some good reviews as well, so check those out.

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Icelantic Nomad?


Not rockered, but the tip is soft(ish).

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The Nomad looks like a nice ski, and I wasn't aware of it before, but I think it's too wide for me. I would want it for hard snow as well, plus I would need a wider break for my NTN binding.


I looked at the new Line lineup, and the new Prophet seems to have some kind of tip rocker - or what else could they mean with early rise? Seems like pretty much "my" ski!


The only question now is, 90 or 98?!

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