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Soccer class goes seriously wrong

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Your posts have been helpful and similar in nature.  I too completely ruptured my right leg quad while doing something I have done a thousand times.  Kicking a soccer ball.  I am a lefty so it was may plant leg that decided to blow.  I went down like a bag of bricks and had a lot of coaches watching as I sit on the turf in great pain.  So after an ambulance ride to the ER and about 3 hours in the ER with X rays, it was easy to deduct that is was a complete rupture.  I was able to see the ortho doc right away and have my surgery last Friday.  Now I am sitting around with most of my pain coming when I have to get up, I hate crutches and sitting on the couch all day.  My wife is trying to do her best and I appreciate all she does with a full time job and 3 kids at home, they need to go to school in the worst way.  The Oxy pain drugs were good for a while but they really affected my plumbing so I an now dealing with slight pain when I get up and using tylenol during the day.  I am in day 4 in recovery and based on all your posts, I have a long road ahead. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I am laid off from work and looking for a new job right now and have my first interview this Monday post surgery.  Never a good time to get injured but I hope it does not hurt my chances of getting a new job.  Your comments will really help with my recovery, please comment often. 

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The negative is that the interviewer is thinking "Here's a guy who's liable to hurt himself again and miss work", but on the plus side, they really need employees with healthy lifestyles and outside interests.  Try to play up that angle.


The real coup is if you find that the interviewer is a skier, soccer player, or another type of weekend warrior with whom you can establish a comaraderie.  We've all been there.


Good luck!

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Yes, bummer!  I just started coaching my kids' team Monday.  Gotta remember to not over do it, espeically the first couple practices.  I think I'll start the kids with a little light warm up from now on.

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