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Last season at Holiday Valley (western NY), the bumps stunk.  there was no consistence like the poster picture.  Instead there were bumps and then a huge mound of snow (not sure why).  The good bump run was usually closed and only opened for competition.  Hopefully this year I will learn to use my knees and not absorb the shock in my back....ouch

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Incognito, thanks for the feedback. I have a buddy who is connected at Big Bear. Maybe I can get a tour of the snowcats and get a photo of the bumpmaker to post.


I did ski a sweet line of leftover bumps created for a contest there a couple of years ago. But I was told they used traditional grooming machines with clever operators spending a lot of time on the pitch.


When I was at Big Bear last season I must have missed the bump line. Maybe we were having too much fun just zooming on the groomers! Bear does not have a reputation for bumps, I'd love to see that change and just a couple of sweet lines can do that.



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Mtebor, bummer for your hill. Bumps that are only open for competitions or the freestyle teams suck! OK, close off the jumps if the liability is too much - but let the public in the zipper line. Or at least leave an open line next to the course.


How will people ever get the skills to enjoy bumps if the bumps are closed to the public? Bumps are not inherently dangerous.


Steep icy groomers with no bumps to check your speed are scary to me.



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Originally Posted by Jimski View Post

Garrett Gulch, Snowmass.  It kicked my tail two years in a row -- not that that's saying much.

That's a good one.  Try in sketchy conditions (i.e. this year) for even more fun!  Once you're in, you're committed.

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Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post

Hmmm, this is a funny thread!...... but I'll add to it =)


Where I ski there are two runs that are nice and long with decent pitch.  They are called Sleeper and Mary Jane Trail.  I rarely ski them because they are the only ones without bumps.

'Don't groom Jane - God'
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we don't really get bumps in the midwest unless they're manmade, the ones I skied at granite peak were WAY close together and solid mounds of ice, needless to say I didn't last to long there.  I hope when I get to summit county in a month I'll some how be able to ski all the bumps there... 

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still love to ski the bumps but good runs are becoming a scarcity. I find it pretty hard to find  any with near the degree of difficulty that used to be common before the advent snowboards and stubby skis. 

but in my area 

Apex,  the K or Hanks is always a good work out,

Silver Star - Cowabunga, Katmando 

Big White - Dragons t. &  Goats Kick both have small rollers

Sun Peaks - Intimadator ? 

Kicking Horse  develops nice bumps (with no fresh snow) in the mid section 

Lake Louise has nice cruising bumps in Paradise Bowl.

Norquay - North American 

Sunshine Goats Eye main face is usually bumped

Panorama - the "extreme" zone and trails out usually bump up 

Whistler - Chunky's Choice, Whistler Bowl, Big Timber 

      ( Jimmy's Joker was one of the hardest bump runs in N America now they groom it )

Blackcomb -under the Crystal chair, bottom face on Seventh Heaven, Gear Jammer  

Baker - Honkers Pan Face but usually side cut 

Fernie - under the Boomerang chair,  


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