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Ski dreams

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It may sound funny, but have you ever had a 'ski dream'?


I've had a few of dreams over the past couple of months.


I was at a resort and and in line but didn't have a lift ticket, and I was trying to get on the lift anyway. The other people didn't have passes either but they were allowed on.


Then I was frantically running around the buildings looking for the ticket office but couldn't find it. (Sort of like Alta :)




Before that I dreamt that I was on the lift and looked down to discover I was wearing not boots and skis, but tennis shoes. I kept wondering how I would ski down in tennis shoes.





My last dream is that I was on the lift wearing skis, but as the lift went higher the snow got thinner and patchier until there was no snow left and it was dirt and green grass and somehow it was July.


Very strange.





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That sounds more like a nitemare!
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I think this is a universal (skier's) experience.


When I was a kid, I traveled around Europe by myself on trains with ski groups. We would have to change trains quickly with all our gear. it was tough. This started a pattern of anxiety dreams with many of the elements you mentioned: unpreparedness, wrong gear, late for the lift opening, wrong location, and so on.


Sometimes I could warp the dream into success, like skiing down the mountain on my boots, jumping and glissading quite proficiently. 


I also had a ski technique break-through in a dream: I realized I could wedeln if I rolled my knees from turn to turn quickly without checking my edges. I went out and tried it and it worked and was my method from then on. funny for sure.

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At least you weren't nekkid  biggrin.gif



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That was a different dream.. Not skiing related :)



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I not only dream skiing, I daydream skiing. Sometimes after an especially fine day I'll catch myself "skiing" as I'm driving home on the highway. It's a road where you seldom see another car, let alone anything resembling traffic, but still it's a weird sensation to "wake up" while slaloming at 70 mph on winter roads. 

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I even daydream about skiing while on the liftyahoo.gif

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Glad to know I am not the only one with this problem.


Now someone needs to convince my wife that i am "NORMAL"  eek.gif

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I wasn't dreaming, but I was watching an MSP movie after work the other day when it was nearly 100 degrees out and my wife walks past, looks at me, looks at the TV, shakes her head, and keeps walking.  But I have had a few ski dreams - one in particular after a day in early March of last year when I was still skiing on fresh powder at 2 in the afternoon - fresh tracks all day (it was the first monday after the major dumps in late February when it "only" snowed 12 inches).  I can only imagine her reaction to that.

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Too bad I am a better skier in my dreams :(

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Most of my ski dreams involve flying off a snowy mountainside at many miles/hour and just falling, falling, falling. It's beautiful scenery, but I'm fearful of my impending death. I always wake up mid-fall. Bizarre stuff

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Originally Posted by wyzz7 View Post

Most of my ski dreams involve flying off a snowy mountainside at many miles/hour and just falling, falling, falling. It's beautiful scenery, but I'm fearful of my impending death. I always wake up mid-fall. Bizarre stuff

Similar dreams here too. Skiing up to the lip of a relatively short very steep pitch and realizing as I launch out over the lip that I'm going way to fast and am clearing the entire downhill. All I see before me is the icy flat that is about to crush me a couple hundred yards below. At least your getting some beautiful scenery.


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Hell yes! Do a search; there are a few of these threads so get your wife to view a few of these threads; she may accept you or throw you out.....  biggrin.gif


Mine has accepted it and finds it OK after meeting a few of my firends..... 

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Same here.....sweating my @$$ off in the summer, glaring heat outside, and I'm watching backcountry/powder/anything snow vids, or researching new skis, or wondering what new pack I should buy, etc, etc.  Then I pull out the new skis and put another coat of wax on them (keeps me in "touch" with things) when it's hot  like a furnace outside........wife walks by and just shakes her head.


I think she's secretly a closet case snow bunny, but just won't admit it rolleyes.gif

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I had a ski dream the other night... I was skiing at Big Sky, I got to the Lone Peak Tram and got on, but was worried I would have a panic attack going up for some reason.  At the top, I was dehydrated and kept walking around this huge lodge at the top (which doesn't even exist), and after going down two flights of stairs, somehow got to the tree-lined groomers.  After I discovered I didn't have the right skis, I walked back up the flights and skied along the ridge-line.  I noticed there were chutes off to the left that required mandatory air... I saw all these people hucking it, but I backed off... then I woke up.



Another one, I was skiing along a groomer at Jackson Hole with a bunch of rollovers, going Mach 1.  I caught a bunch of air off each rollover, and was doing 360's.  I've had many more where doing a bunch of cool tricks in the air feels way too easy.

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