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Bush -- at Stowe, blacks we skied included Hayride, Centerline, Upper Smugglers, Upper Nose Dive, and one of the Front Four  (I have to ask my kids which one it was).  Of those, Upper Nose Dive -- Xmas break of 2009, when it was all frozen cue balls -- was the gnarliest for me.  At Snowmass, blacks we've skied include Campground, Howler, Wildcat, etc. -- all the blacks off of Sam's Knob -- Garrett Gulch, West Face etc., off Sheer Bliss lift.   The day we got on the Cirque lift, it broke down, so we have yet to ski the Cirque Headwall. 


SBDevotee -- Yes, my daughter is a mountain girl (and a better skier than I).  She's a forward on her soccer team, and skies through moguls as if they were defenders.  Snowbird sounds great -- it stays on my list. 

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You and your kids would be fine at the Bird.  Esumsea and his wife were just over their heads at the wrong time.


 In the spring, the steepest pitches soften first.  The cat tracks off the tram,  like the path to paradise,  are frozen rock hard in the early am.  So you have a bunch of experts straight lining the cat track to get to the soft, blowing by beginners wedging down.  I think if he had a good instructor everyday and spent more time at Alta, they still could have had a decent experience.


While I agree that the op was probably better off on the bus.  There is something special about staying up the canyon.  Frankly,  the though of getting on a bus with a bunch of gapers, terrifies me more than any terrain at the Bird!

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If you can ski hayride at stowe most of snowbird will be accessible.

I would modify "Hayride" to "Liftline/National."   But in general for the easterners trying to evaluate this issue, Stowe is a good area to be training/making those comparisons.  In general someone who's comfortable and in control on firm/variable snow on Liftline/National/Upper Nosedive can easily translate those skills to Snowbird blacks, which are considerably steeper but with much more forgiving surfaces.

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Back to the sampler idea:

 some of the discounted tickets (in Salt Lake) are a better deal

 if you buy a two day (or more ticket), 


most of the ski rental shops will have the prices listed on their websites

ie: http://www.canyonsports.com/discountlifttickets/


you might also look into the the Salt Lake Super Pass, but that limits you to alta/bird/sol/brighton



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My Utah Sampler trip with the Over the Hill Gang is fast approaching.  I fly to SLC March 3rd.  We will be staying at the Embassy Suites Hotel in SLC and OTHG provides a bus to the slopes each day.  I'm arriving a day early to get a day of skiing in before the whole gang gets there.  So I've got a bunch of questions.   Such as:


My trip literature mentions Utah Ski & Golf (mentioned above) and Canyon Sports which is a 5 minute walk from the hotel.  Anyone have any opinions of these stores?  Good selection of rental skis?  Any chance of some decent boot sales?  Maybe, just maybe, I can get new boots...but maybe not.


We're scheduled to ski Alta, Solitude, Snowbird, Snowbasin, and Deer Valley.  I'm an average (at best) intermediate and I ski to have fun.  I like some challenge, but not constantly.  I love cruising, groomed runs.  I have two free days.  Please recommend where I should ski on those days and why?  One of those days will be my first day of skiing this season.


On those two free days, I've got to get myself to the slopes.  Are there shuttles to the various resorts, are they free, when do the run?


Last season at Snowmass I rented Salomon Rocker 250's (length 164) and I had a ball on them.  They were great no matter the conditions or where I skied.  Would those skis (or this season's equivalent) work well in Utah on different mountains?  When I rented at Snowmass I was getting them in the village right on the mountain and the first set of skis were terrible (I forget what they were) but I just skied down and got the Soloman's.  If I rent in SLC, that's not an option.


Any suggestions you might have, even those that aren't covered by my questions that will contribute to a successful trip will be greatly appreciated.


Here's one more question: I've never skied Utah, what is going to surprise me?

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This is just going from my own research and things I've read here, but I would go to Brighton ahead of Snowbird if I were you. I mean for you personally, not as a group. So maybe go there on a free day.

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I vote for Brighton and Park City for your 2 free days.  Not sure if there's convenient public transit to Park City from SLC as to the Cottonwood areas. 

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