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Ski Box

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Can anyone recommend the best place to purchase a good ski box.

I was looking at and there are too many to choose from. I only go boarding once a year so not sure if it is worth spending a lot of money or just to go for the cheapest at 99 Quid?

Any help appreciated


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I'm guessing you're in the UK?  That would affect things.


If you only ride once a year, though, I'd seriously consider cheap clamp down racks.  Or look for a used box on Craigslist or the like.

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That cheap one won't fit skis.  It's only 132cm long, which is partly why it's so much cheaper.  I agree with TheDad, if you only go once a year, I wouldn't bother dropping the £ on a box.

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I take on board what you are saying but have to consider the security, with a roof rack i can hardly let my car out of my site.


The one i am looking at is only £99:


(Click here)



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As I said, that one won't fit skis, it's only 132cm long.

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Fine if you ride snowlerblades.  


OP, you do realize that the clamp racks have locks too, right?

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