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Bush has convinced me that it's time to change the tires on my bike.

Some of you may recall I'm riding an old Supercycle because it was just lying around and the drive train was slipping (again) on the Raleigh GP; the crank pins were acting up again too.

Anyway, I'm thinking I could just swap the front wheel from the GP, but I need to dismount and mount the tires on the rear.  Then it hit me.  Why not switch the front crank and gear set from the Supercycle to the Raleigh, leave the front tire/wheel on the Raleigh, and after swapping the rear tires move the wheel with working rear gear set and now good rubber to Raleigh?  (other than laziness)


Will it fit?





Supercycle (has Silstar)




Can anyone direct me to step by step instructions with diagrams ;last time I took apart a crank it wasn't pretty and I lost ball bearings



Also what rear derailer should I go with, the Shimano RS or the Huret. 

Shimano ( I see I might want to clean these off a bit; my morning ride included a sandy beach)








redface.gifMaybe I should have washed off the Raleigh after that ride through the swamp, but there's no hose at my apartment.


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This looks like quite the project.  How's it going?


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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

This looks like quite the project.  How's it going?


I started, didn't finish, but got far enough that I can once again take corners at speed on good pavement with only normal worry about road rash. 


As it turned out one of the "new" tires, the back one that I had to take off the rim with the potentially bad gear train (skips when I pedal hard), was falling apart when I took it off the rim.  So, I had to go off to Canadian Tire, Eh, and buy a new tire (lucky I had some Canadian Tire money on my Canadian Tire Card).  Then I noticed that the little rubber that goes around the rim was snapped and wouldn't stay in place between the spokes and the tube, so I had to go shopping again.  I got some hockey tape to fix that one.  At the end of the day I got the rear tire fixed up and swapped the entire front wheel from the better (Grand Prix) to the heavier bike and left changing over the functioning drive train (front crank and rear wheel and cogs with new tire) to the GP for another day.  I figured I might find I needed new bearings or something and I had had enough problems for one day; there was enough daylight left to go for a test ride.  :)


BONUS!  smile.gifThe front wheel I have on the Medalist now is less warped that the one I took off, so I was able to tighten down the front brakes a bit and they actually are capable of slowing the bike down a little instead of having the bike gain speed going down hill with wet brakes and the levers squeezed to the handlebars. I had made a special note of the former braking performance earlier this summer while going down a steep trail with a sharp rocky corner at the bottomeek.gif after traversing some swampy ground.  Fortunately, it was a slightly rocky trail and I was concerned about damaging my wheels if I went too fast,  hence I discovered this behaviour near the top of the hill and not before going faster than I could run. cool.gif


Gives me more time to think about what derailler to use.


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