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For those that have smith I/O's...

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Have you experienced any scratching on them? If so, how bad and what happened to cause them to scratch? Have you had any other problems with them?

I have heard some complaints in regards to them scratching easy, but many more compliments than complaints. I plan to baby the crap out of them, so I don't think mishandling them will be a problem, but accidents do happen. Just trying to get in some more opinions while I am researching some goggles. I have done a ton of searching in regards to this topic, but want some more information from those that have a pair of I/O's.

Note: This is for the I/O models, but I think that the same would apply for the I/Os models.

Also, please only post if you have personal experience with the goggles. Not that I don't value your input, but I am just looking for personal experience input, rather than what you have heard about them.

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I have been using them for 3 years now. While I have had some scratches it was not due to the frameless design but more so to having a spheric type lens. The Spheric lens is more susceptible to the scratching but that is just inherent in its design. With that said, I will still use I/O's due to its great design, flexibility and lens options. 

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I have the I/O, and like them alot. I am on my second pair. The first pair lasted me 2 seasons of skiing totalling over 250 days. The second pair I have are in fantastic shape after using them this past season with well over 100 days on them. Like anything, they will indeed scratch if you scratch them (d'uh), but I would definately not consider them fragile. I consider myself fairly hard on gear.

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Just make sure you keep them in the pouch, along with the extra lens as well.  The pouch has two separate microfiber compartments, and I keep the lenses in there so they don't rub up against one another and cause accidental scratches, separate from what's on the goggles (I have 3 lenses). 


Accidents happen, but any lens will scratch if enough force is applied.  The I/O are pretty durable but my Oakley A-Frames lenses are better in terms of scratch resistance (I have always loved Oakley products and sunglasses too for that reason).  However.....in this instance the I/O is definitely a superior overall goggle.

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Just what I like to hear :)


Hoping that as more come in they are similar.

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I have a pair that I have been usiing for the past 2 seasons.  Great googles with easy interchangeable lenses, but they do scratch pretty easily.

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Well, no goggles are going to be scratch-proof, but with reasonable care, they will be OK>,  I find that I/O are no less and no more scratch-resistant than Oakleys.  The important thing is that they are a hard polycarbonate plastic, so if you run them over a sharp surface they will scratch.  Cheaper goggles have semi flexible type lens that may just give in.  I/O is a great goggle.  


Now, to discount everything I just said, I do have a pair of I/OS for sale at ForSale Forum, so everything I said was a blatant advertisement for my own benefit ;-)  

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To date i used my Smith I/O goggles four times, they scratched the first when i fell forward. A small 1/4" long thin line of what look like a cluster of tiny dots and dashes. I don't notice it when in use.

I have Oakley sunglasses which seem to scratch just as easy. I had asked my grandmother to get the okleys from a desk and bring them to me in the dive way and sure enough a scratch.

On the other hand my Native shades are very scratch resistant, a metal door swung into them when in my hand and no scratching whatsoever. The Native lens's carry a lifetime warranty they'll replace if scratched, i don't know of any other company doing that. We're obviously not comparing apples to oranges but it's too bad they don't make ski goggles.

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Like everyone else, mine have accumulated some scratches over the last couple years, but I'm not super-careful with them.  Actually, the bigger problem I've had is that some of the foam around the goggle frame is starting to fall apart.  I have to talk to our local Smith rep about getting them fixed/replaced.


I haven't found the lenses to be more vulnerable to scratches than other similar goggles.  IMO they're the best interchangeable-lens goggle on the market right now.

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