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Ski Recommendations for New England (All Mountain)

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Looking to get back into skiing more after about a 5 year lapse (of regular skiing, have skied once in a while). Have not owned skis in more like a decade. At the time of my "retirement" I was probably about a 7/10 skill wise. Skied all blues with confidence at high speed, mostly confident on blacks, parallel but at reduced speed. Some off trail confidently (not that there's much of this in New England). 


I'm 30 years old, 5'10", 175ish. Looking for a good all mountain ski that will grip the nasty hardpack and ice we get in New England but still deal with the "boundary to boundary"/glades territory that a lot more mountains have now. Specifically talking areas like Brackett Basin, etc. Looking for something good for about 65/70% on trail vs off. I don't do moguls (kills my knees) so that is not a concern. Medium radius is what I think I want as well.  Want a ski suitably for where I am now but that will let me grow. I'm a moderately aggressive skier.


Looking to buy prior year models to save some serious bank. I will be buying my boots locally so I can get the fit exactly right (and have the bindings mounted, no replacing face to face service on this stuff for me), but I have no problem buying skiis online, especially considering the potential savings. I have narrowed it down to some ideas based on cruising this forum and general internet research:


Volkl AC30

Blizzard Magnum 8.1

Nordica Nitrous

Dynastar Legend 4800 or 8000


Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated!

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I can't give you an accurate comparison between skis but I can tell you that I really enjoyed the Blizzards in Aspen at ESA. Skied them at 172 I think. They'll pretty much do anything NE has to offer. I'm a little bigger and a little less aggressive it sounds like so you might even like them more. If I'm not mistaken, that ski had the IQ binding system, so you might even be able to pick up a pre-flipcore Blizzard IQ fat ski to use on the softer days or to bring when you travel and really maximize your investment.

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you live in NE & have not settled on a ski or brand......spend a couple fall weekends at the ski swaps & buy a ski @ 20% retail.  You will enjoy them....

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Good advice and something that had not occurred to me!

Keniski, thanks for your input!

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There are tons of threads on EpicSki, as you already have seen, and all of the regular pro sales gurus on here really know their stuff. A lot of the common questions people ask are answered multiple times over, and it sounds like you have done the research first, which is always a good move anywhere! I have always found their advice extremely helpful. They can't tell you what you will like, but they can confirm differences between skis, confirm technical features, point you in the right direction, keep you from making a big mistake, and might even get you a good deal along the way... 

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8.1 is the sweetest ski in the list that you posted. As far as a Nordica choice, the HR Burner, the non-system version of the Nitrous, IMHO a better ski. 

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