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NN*Star new resident

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This just in, Shaun White is calling NorthStar its home mountain:


Surprisingly, the jealousy in Squaw crowd comments is rather palpablepopcorn.gif     


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The Aspen Ski Corp. is a little worried that VR will pony up the big bucks to steal the Winter X Games.  This could be the first move?

I don't think they would do as good of job, but they do have resorts much closer to populations centers and that could be attractive to ESPN?

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I saw that and wondered how much time he'll actually spend there.  


As for VR taking the Xgames, its possible, but I can't imagine it not being at Buttermilk.


Although, VR has been improving their parks, If I'm not mistaken.........but then I've been mistaken once or twice.


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Also, say what you will about N*, they seem to put together a pretty nice park in general... way better than Squaw.  Not that it does much for me personally.  So I can't say I'm all that surprised - I saw him there last February or March talking to the park crew and ski patrol and it appeared they were talking about building him something (or in hindsight maybe they were planning for next year?).  Either way, should make for some entertainment from the lift chairs this season...

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