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Ski suggestions

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Hi, i've been looking at getting new twins, but I do not know much about the topic, and am seeking ski suggestions. I would like a ski that I can take all over mountain, rip on the groomers, go into the trees and occasionally the bumps, etc. I want the skis to be light, playful, and overall just a really fun ski. I ski the east so the ski will need to be pretty good on the groomers but also wide enough for the occasional powder day.


 I'm 14 years old, 5 foot 6, and roughly 115 pounds. I'm an advanced skier so I ski everything. I've looked around and the Line Chronic Cryptonites and Prophet Flites have come to my attention. I know the Chronic is a park ski but it sounded like it was a good all mountain ski as well, is this true? Has anybody ever skied on these skis and would they be a good choice? 


If anyone has ski suggestions or comments about the flites and chronics they would be much appreciated.



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At your weight, the Flite would be a good place to start.  Don't know much about the chronics.  Perhaps someone who does will weigh in on this thread.

Good Luck!


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