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4frnt MSP vs High Society FR

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Hi I'm a 5'11 160 lbs advanced skier and looking to improve this year.


I'm an aggressive skier doing a lot of groomers because its what my home mountain mostly has to offer, but love skiing trees and off piste. This year I'll also be spending a little more time in the park. Maybe some bumps but not a ton, same goes for powder.


This mix of interests brought me to the all mountain twin tip category. from there i think I've narrowed it down to 2 skis that suit me pretty well and I'd love to hear any feedback on either of them.


Also feel free to nominate any other skis you think will do the job.



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I owned the 4FRNT MSP, and liked it for what it was: Solid, easy to initiate because of the dual radius, decent grip. Nice all wood ski with cool topsheets. Good all-around for bigger mountains several years back. I think a little heavy and stiff for park, though I'm not much of a park rat, mainly chase my kids there. But in all honesty, I think its time has passed. I can think of over a half dozen skis in that range that I'd prefer now for trees and off-piste. Cannot speak to the HS FR.


More to the point, if your home mountain mainly offers groomers, unclear why you want a ski optimized for trees and off-piste. But there are a few that can do both well. The Bushwacker is a great ski for lighter skiers, it's super light and perfect camber/rocker for trees or bumps, but can hold a really solid edge on hardpack. And will be cheaper than the two you're looking at, seriously. Suspect it would be doable for a spin in the park, but a traditional tail so not if you're serious about that stuff. Its bigger brother The One will be more aimed at trees and soft snow, but can still hold its own on groomers until they get really icy and will be nicer in the park because more tail rise (although again, not a real twin, so it'll ski switch but not bred for same). The Bridge is a nice all-around twin with front rocker that can do trees, anything else you throw at it, but fairly stiff. The Extreme is a classic all around twin, does everything well including park and bumps, but no rocker and a bit narrow so it loses points in trees or soft snow. I've heard a lot of good things about the THALL as a archetype park ski that can hold an edge on hardpack and rip bumps. Not sure it'd be my choice for trees, but probably OK in soft snow. 


Put another way, you may want to decide whether you more value a true park design that's decent elsewhere - I don't know of any of these that are really super in trees or on hardpack - or a directional rocker with a raised tail that will be great in trees and bumps but just adequate in the park. Choices, choices...



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Thanks for the reply, I'll check out some of those skis.


To specify:

I currently own a more groomer oriented ski which is great at my home mountain, but I frequently make trips to other mountains where I can ski trees. I will probably keep my groomer ski this year but the year after theres a good chance that I will sell it because I'll be in college and only skiing during breaks. For this reason I'd like a ski that is good on groomers but will also handle trees and some park stuff pretty well. I understand that it wont be unbelievable at everything, but that is the plight of all mountain skis in general so I'm just looking for a good compromise.


Also my interest in going into the parks is why id like at least a partial twin.

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