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Anyone tried the Salomon Rocker 2?

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Given how much love the Salomon Rocker 2's got in Powder this month, I was curious if anyone here has given them a whirl yet?  Didn't see any reviews but just curious to hear some other opinions.

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Copied from my mini review on TGR:


Salomon Rocker 2 (184)
This was the craziest ski I was on by far. The only way I can describe tree skiing with this is magic. The tip rocker blew the rest of the skis away. On the others you’d go into a dip in the backseat and wait for the tips to dig in, but the Rocker 2 would just float back up. I found the ski to be a handful on the groomers though, and I took a spill on an easy blue groomer while trying to sort them out.


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I demo'd them in variable conditions. One of my "kids" played with a pair in Whistler (decently deep day) & a bit here in WA. I liked them a ton. He liked them a ton. He jumps around & skis switch a bunch. I don't. I think the ski plays well in both spaces.


Obviously they ski well off piste. I enjoyed them on groomers as well. If you are used to this type of ski, I don't see any issues skiing firmer snow. They go up on edge when you want them to & are loose when you want them to be. They feel super light. All of the flippy spinny crowd seems to comment on the low swing weight.  Definitely in the upper end of modern all-rounders in terms of handling. If someone took my Praxis away, the longer Rocker 2 would very likely be my day to day ski this year.


A couple observations - for some reason, the Salomon folks seem to mount their demos on the "traditional" line. Which is way too far back for that ski.  I think the ski is likely to feel sluggish if you demo it there.  I forget where the team folks mount them (something like +6 or +8), but if you are more new schooly, that's where you'd want them. If you are like me, you'd probably want to be half way or two thirds of the way to that point. I got "mostly there" on the demo by tweaking heel/toe as appropriate. Second, Salomon has wisely really made this two skis - there is a width step down on the shorter lengths. This makes sense to me.


I'd be curious to hear a true head to head comparison of the longer Rocker 2 and the AK JJ...

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I got a chance to do a short "test" on these skis this past Feb.  This is the only "full rocker" ski I have been on & also the widest ski I have been on.  I would say that for this type of ski it was manageable on the groomed, but it certainly did not perform.  In the powder (about 10" of light & dry at the time) the R2 was good, but not really any better than many of the other tip & tail rocker skis I tried that day.  For me this ski would be a deep, untracked ski only & there I think it would shine over some of the others (JJ, Super7, Cochise, BMX108, Goode Rahoo & a few others).

But hey that is me & like I said this is the widest, most rockered ski I have been on.


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