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Klymit Hard Shell Jackets

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Is anyone familiar with their jackets?  They appear to be well made but I would have to order it without ever touching one since the stores around here only carry their sleeping pads.  Can't find much in reviews on their jackets either.  Camping gear and vest are much more popular.


Curious as to how they are sized and are they as well made as they sound.






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Yeah, i see they are on Promotive.

Don't know how one can tell about construction from a photo.

Inexpensive, seems like they might be trying to channel

Patagonia with the names of a couple of items.....

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Hey Ken,


Nate Alder here, Founder and CEO of Klymit. I just came accross your post and thought I would try to help out. I wish we had reviews on our site about our shells, would be great, perhaps we can offer some kind of incentive in the future to get that going more. I personally have been skiing and snowboarding in all of our shells, and I can make a recommendation based on what you are looking for, depending on your activity. I searched on Google for "klymit paregoria stretch" and a bunch of results came up, so you can possibly look at that as well.


I have read a bunch of things in magazines from gear review guys as well, but you might just have to search around for those online to find them.


There has been a lot of time and attention to detail put in to designing all our products, and as avid snow guys with different backgrounds and sports, we all fought a lot about how to make the best end product we could for each activity, never thought I would see so many guys fight so much about apparel design LOL. The good thing though is that we ended up making the most feature loaded shells on the market made from the best materials, at a pretty great price, and we're happy to help get that out to our fellow knuckle draggers and skiers at those prices as I would always appreciate a good deal as a poor college student/snowboard instructor myself.


Feel free to call our office anytime and ask for me or one of our gear gurus and I would be happy to give you more details and answer any questions you might have: 888-559-6481







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Thanks for the post and welcome to epicski.  If you stick around, you will no longer need to watch TV for entertainment biggrin.gif.


I did call your office the other day.  Talked to someone that was very helpful and informative.  I don't remember his name but he said he was 6'5" so he should be easy to find smile.gif The conversation was based on neither the Promotive site or your site, having any sizing information on your jackets; vest yes, jackets no.    If I were to base my size preference on the vest information, I would order a Large as I'm a 42" chest and and inflated Large vest is 42.5".  According to the person I talked to the other day, the hard shell jacket Olympus measures 43.5" for the Medium.  I don't know how sizing works; does someone that measures a 42 need a 43.5 to account for a liner or do you actually need something bigger?  See my dilemma?


As a side note, the sizing for your vest lists a "bust" size.  Granted at 51 y/o I have moobs but I still prefer "chest" size.  Bust sizing makes me think I'm in the women's section.


I would be using the jacket for skiing, possibly setting race courses and race training and racing here and there.  Though I'm an ski instructor, I wear the mountain's jacket for that.  For what I want the jacket for, controlling the temperature is critical because it is so easy to get overheated.  Pit zips are essential and you also offer shoulder zips which sound great.  I usually have to unzip the main zipper on the lift after a run and that will often fog my goggles on the outside.  I need lots of pockets, the ability to keep the elements (wind, rain, snow) out, be able to move freely and vent.  For racing and training I want something that isn't flapping around and has a low profile.  I'm not fast enough to consider a race suit and I'm sure the people that are in line up right behind me appreciate that.  I do however plan on taking advantage of everything else that can prevent me from going slower.


My preference is an athletic cut.  Especially if it makes me look taller and sexier duck.gif.  Something that fits close but isn't binding.  I have a soft shell (doesn't keep out the wind and lets too much cold in) that does that but I need a hard shell to do the same.


I'll attempt contacting you later today.


Thanks for taking the time to post here,



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I just got off the phone with Nate from Klymit and he relayed the following information:


It sounds like he is normal size like me (I'm 5'7 and he's 5'8").  We each measure 42" chest (not bust).  He said that he can comfortably wear the medium hard shells over his vest but when it is fully inflated, does get "a little" snug.  Since 42" chest is on the top end of medium (more like the bottom of Large), I think this is to be expected.


I'll probably order one once my non-skiing wife gets over how much I just paid for new skis biggrin.gif.


I'll post a review once I get it.  I need to survive my wife's birthday first.




P.S.  Nate seems like a nice guy and really into developing product for outdoor enthusiasts.



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