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Midfoot problems

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I am having problems. I have tried several different brands of boots all with the same problem.  My feet go numb from pressure on the top of my mid foot.   My mid foot is thick, and I have high arches.  My boots fit well length wise, and I am an advanced/expert skier so I want a performance fit.  I am wondering if my boots can be stretched in the area above my mid foot, or if going to half size larger boot would help.  Not sure what the best solution is, but I can't even buckle the second buckle of my boots and my feet still go numb.

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there is no such thing as a 1/2 size in a  ski boot, if you go up you are going up a shell size (10mm )


the boot can be stretched up the way, the buckles can be moved, the base board can be ground down, just get yourself to a decent bootfitter and you should be sorted

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also remove the footbed, or replace with a thinner one.

thinner socks

leave the buckle OFF (not just loose)


and again, find a good boot fitter,   They should be explaining all this to you?

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Thanks for the info.  I have had the base board ground down, leave the buckle completely loose, and wear paper thin silk socks. I had a molded footbed put in to support my very high arch.  I will research a thinner one and getting the boot stretched on top.  Unfortunately in So. Cal good boot fitters are disappearing at an alarming rate.  Question about half sizes.  I realize that the shell doesn't change, but is the liner thinner?  If there is not dif, why is it offered? 

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it is purely offered because consumers expect it, and boot sellers think there is a difference.... in truth, in most cases the difference is the thickness of the stock insole supplied with the boot, a few years back some companies made thicker liners in the smaller size but this has mostly disappeared from production


i lost a customer a few years ago when i was helping a mate out in his shop, brought out a 27.0 and the customer refused to try it on as he was a 27.5 and no amount of explaining was going to convince him..... we didn't have the 27.5 in stock 




the tongue plastic of your boot could also be ground thin or cut through to give a little more space too

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Hi Schralp,


     As CEM mentioned the foam inside the tongue can be thinned or even removed altogether which will give you about 1/4 inch more space over the instep.  

     We usually cut the stitching along one side of the tongue and reach inside and cut the foam out then feather (taper) the end of the foam with a grinder just where it transitions from the lower leg into the top of the foot.  You say, "this might hurt"---not so, as the tongue sits under the side flanges of the liner and you will still have this padding over the top of the foot.  



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