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Bomber Skis?

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Anyone w/ a connection or any reliable info?  They look oddly like a Blossom incarnation that has been trying to find a home on US soil for several years now.......I am rather suspect both in design & price tag.


Philpug can fill In the restrolleyes.gif



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Looks like Blossom to me (just a guess).

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Artechski has Bomber skis...... I think SL only.. Gs would follow.


As far as the skis go, they are supposedly made by tech, who used to make Rossi's race skis..

Torsionally ultra stiff, they hold great on ice/boiler plate, but not very forgiving, if any at all....... I've being told that info from a guy who skied on them..

The skis are made somewhere in Europe, between Swiss/Italy.....

Skis come without a plate and any plate  bindings combo, could be installed......

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I have spoken to Ross (the fellow behind Bomber Skis) several times and hope to get out and do reviews early this coming season. The brand is supposed to officially launch in 2011-2012 with Artech in New Hampshire stocking some models now for racers at around $1,599 a pair.  They are apparently hand built in very small batches by an veteran ex-Rossi raceroom builder with great expertise, who had been using equipment in the Blossom factory for early production, and I believe he has built his own shop for this coming year's production.  These skis are reportedly built by the same person who produces the Cohen skis (I got a quick two mornings testing on the Cohen SL and GS skis this July in Les Deux Alpes), but the materials, construction and designs are reportedly different between the brands.  I am very interested to get on real snow with the Bomber skis and Cohen skis and publish some detailed reviews so people can get a feel for these new brands!


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Yeah, I know  this co is going bankrupt so save your money. 

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I got a free pair to demo and after 2 runs one of the fu##ers broke in half!  Not great for bumps.  Don't waste your $$.

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Two people whose only posts are dissing a company that opened a shop in Vermont in early November.  Suspicious maybe?confused.gif

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Pics or it didn't happen.

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Does Bomber bindings know this? 

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Originally Posted by AlpineHigh View Post

I got a free pair to demo and after 2 runs one of the fu##ers broke in half!  Not great for bumps.  Don't waste your $$.

I thought they only made race skis....didn't know they made bump skis.  Where did your demos come from?  Dealer, or the company? 

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Yes, they are making bump skis.  Some of the U.S. team guys and gals skied on them out hood and it appears they liked them.  I believe the bump ski is called the A10.  From what I saw none of the team athletes broke an A-10 while they were on them.


I have really enjoyed all of the race skis of theirs that I have tried.  Not fresh enough in my memory to do a good review but if I had the money or didn't already get skis I'd pick a pair up.  The Stealth Bomber is their all mountain ski and that really stuck out to me.  Heavy but that ski rips hard.  Feels like a shorter radius GS ski that can bust through anything.  I'd love to get myself on a pair of those again.

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Skibum do you work for MHSSC?

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Yes I do.
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I thought so, cool.

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Just finished testing a B-1 165 Slalom. Very quick. Max v around 45 mph. Gets a little squirrely above that. My son, recovering from some serious broken bones with plates and all that junk took 3 runs on them and pushed the envelope on some late season frozen stuff. They held up very well. I liked them but They had a 1 degree bevel. I think they would be fine with zero. Very light and quick but a bit weak in the turn finish. The less flared tail does not supply pop to the turn. I suspect it is designed to be lighter on turn exit.


I recommend these for upper level U18 skiing scored SL. I don't think it wise to train or free ski on them because the tip is very thin. It would be prone to breaking in moguls. They do make a mogul ski which got tested at Mt Hood. My son is over 200 and broke a pair of Voekl Tigers earlier in the season.


I bought them but plan to go easy on them to make them last long enough to use when demoing.


Catskill Eddie

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From the website - Originally designed and tested in Vermont, Bomber Ski searched to

find the greatest ski producer in the world. After our master

craftsman (with over 32 years of ski building expertise) was

located, Bomber was born. Engineered and handcrafted in a small

race lab in Italy, Bomber’s finely tuned skis create a skiing

sensation that is unmatched in the industry.

Swiss Wood Core, Austrian World-Cup Edges & Base

The ski industry has become a commodity business where most

companies seek to sell as many skis as they can, often sacrificing

quality and performance. Bomber’s initiative is specifically to do

the opposite, quality and performance are paramount, and it is not

a goal which is to be considered lightly.

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IIRC just about everyone is unloading them below cost. As the ski turns....
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