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Looking for "smart" technical skier for precise comments!

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Looking for that rare smart, technical savvy skier/technician/pro for some comments!


First some background info.

I know skis. I know about ski construction, ski design, ski flex and yes even how to use a formula to determine a ski's radius "carve turn" ! Most of the time I know what  ski can do ( by the figures) and what is does on snow! This one issues has me staying up late late at night! 


My question is about two skis from same company; Fischer.


I have two skis here in my tuning shop, The World Cup SC with 112- 69- 103   R=12  and

                                                                the World Cup SC PRO    118- 66-   99    R=13


Tried to find on net  comparative info on these two. Not marketing buzz!  No luck

Tried to get marketing guys from Fischer from my country to tell me difference and reason for those two skis since they seem to overlap in performance characteristics. No luck

Tried to talk to technical director of Fischer importer from my country and after 15 minutes saw he was not clued in!

Finally sent a email to the head office  ( specifically to the race technicians since I have contacts there). No luck. They all know the race skis tuned for the "racers" but as far as these two comparatively,,,,,,,

Can not talk to  ski designers/engineers from Fischer. "Verbotten"



Looking at the above figures I can make some "estimates" of  projected performance curves.


Yes I skied these two for one month at Hood, but first I want some "wiser" technical skier to tell me what the comparative issues are!


Yes I am aware of the FIS "standards" for skis!


One more point ( which again Fischer reps can not answer) !


On the first unit the SC,,,there is a "plastic looking" white /black plate.

On the second unit,,the SC  PRO  there is a alu flowflex plate which is far superior in performance parameters!


I will tell you what I have determined later, once the "savvy" skier/technicians help me!


Please "savvy" skier/technicians help me with my sleepless nights!





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While you are waiting for the rare smart technically savy skier to reply perhaps I can amuse you with my musings.


With its longer radius, the SC Pro will be tipped to a bigger edge angle to obtain the same radius of turn; R_turn = R_sidecut * cosine (tipping_angle), thus allowing it to hold larger forces before reaching critical angle and thus is able to carve the same turn at higher speeds before washing out or a carve a tighter turn at the same speed.


If the skis are designed properly, but I would have to ski the SC Pro to tell for sure, the 13 m ski will also be stiffer so it can spread that higher force to the tip and tail.


However the difference in tapper is a bit strange.   It looks like the SC PRO has overdone the dual radius route, with less radius in the tail, which is not something I would want.  Yes it has a 13 m radius in spite of a very aggressive tip profile, but damn it, I want that tail to grip like a bull dog until I say "drop it!"  It looks like they are catering to the public who want a more forgiving easier to handle high-performance ski.  Looks like they made it easier to initiate a turn at the expense of making it harder to hold, thus negating their washout resistance at speed advantage.  Have you got any side cut numbers for the RC4 SL (FIS)?


BTW I have put a few miles on an older Fischer WC SC at 165 cm, 118-66-99 13 m R with FR12 bindings (currently not here;given to son).

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Excellent comments! Some right on the mark! I will tell you my "impressions" later!


My question has a two part phase.


The first part I gave several hours ago. Like you I will wait for the "gurus" to give me their observations!


Meanwhile, since you addressed the second phase I will also do so! It concerns the reasons why two SL type skis, from the same company, with very close performance parameters is offered to public. Seems to me it confuses stores, skiers and makes ski production overly complex! If marketing staff, technical staff can not clearly explain performance characteristics of their product and clearly identify target skier profile, then too many models in the same "niche" !


Still waiting for Fischer gurus to educate us! Still waiting for Fischer salespersons to education me. Still waiting for Fischer Marketing Directors to tell their staff to "know their products" !


Ghost, finally like you my son has discovered the SL World Cup 165 cm. model and has borrowed it ! Great skis these Fischers and I never lend them anymore!

Again thanks for comments! Will follow up on your observations about radius and that tail issue! You are much more competent about technical issues than you admit!



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