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Atomic bent chetler

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im 5'11 210 pounds. do you think i should go with the shorter or longer length? i charge so it needs to be stable but i also enjoy tight tree skiing too. so it needs to have that balance of being stable at speed while also being fairly nimble. any help is appreciated greatly!

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This is a decision I have been agonizing over myself. Wish they had something in the middle between the 183 and 192. I'm about your size but 40 pounds lighter. If i were you I'm going 192, they are a little stiffer. I don't want to go as short as 183 but I wander if the 192 will be as easy to throw around in the trees. I was considering going longer and mounting center or damn close.

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exactly my thoughts. i wish they had a 188. im just concerned that maybe the 192 won't be as quick to initiate turns in the trees. i think i'll probably go 192 anyways. 183 seems a little bit short.

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Go with the 192.  I'm 30lbs. lighter and I picked up the 183's because my local shop offered a deal too good to pass up. 

The 183 are really good in really tight trees, which is what I wanted.  But they get a little squirrely on the top end.

 I already have 194XXL & 186 MX108's, so I got the top end pretty much covered. 


The 192 Bc will be a good everyday soft snow ski at WMR and then I'd get something narrow for when it's hard.

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found a pair of 183 Bents on ebay for cheap. Less than 24 hrs left on auction and no bids:

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I ski both lengthes. At your weight better go 192 for charging - they are stiffer than the 183s but still ski shorter and actually turn easier than you would think. So you'll be good in the trees as well.


That said the mounting point on them is crucial. For directional skiing I recommend going back 4-4.5 cm from the mark (-1.5-2 cm back from the so called 'Team Line').

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That's what I paid w/bindings,  mounted and out the door?  I think you could do better than that price.  With the lack of snow in many area's, some shops have already started to discount heavily.

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Here, I'll force your hand. I weigh 135 and would ski the 183cm. now you know what to do.  biggrin.gif

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