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I don't know, Trek, every time someone tries to serve you ribs you eat something else. I think I would embrace it and scarf down those ribs - let those ribs go to YOUR ribs. wink.gif

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If a callous is forming on the collarbone, you're golden. If not, get it plated. If there is some muscle in the way, between the pieces, they may not find each other without internal fixation.

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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post


If a callous is forming on the collarbone, you're golden. If not, get it plated. If there is some muscle in the way, between the pieces, they may not find each other without internal fixation.


Thanks Telerod.  How are you doing these days?  I know you had a significant period of healing, yourself.



Update after Dr apt on Friday.  New X-rays show that the clavicle has fused nicely and appears to be in good shape.  The ribs feel a lot better and are healing well, but I've been cautioned to NOT over do it for fear of re-injuring the ribs.

I've been cleared to do Physical Therapy, which is a good things since I've been doing some "at home" PT for a few weeks, which is also helping gain strength (slowly) in my shoulder.



Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Has anyone used an ultrasound bone healer to expedite healing time for something like this?

A very kind Bear has sent me one of these and I'm giving it a try.  Wondered if any of you had an opinion.  Well that was dumb......I know you ALL have opinions.  That's what makes EpicSki so Epic!



I asked the Doc about this contraption.  She is a believer and said that she is happy to hear that I'm using it.  Encouraged me to continue using it for at least another month on my clavicle to continue strengthening  the bone.  She also said(which I already knew) that it doesn't work well on ribs because the ultrasound pad needs to be directly on the bone area, and ribs are too, hidden(for lack of a better description) 

According to the Doc, Physical Therapists use this kind of machine during PT sessions for tibia and clavicle fractures on a regular basis and find great results.


I am truly fortunate to have a friend who has generously let me borrow this.  Thanks!


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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post


Thanks Telerod.  How are you doing these days?  I know you had a significant period of healing, yourself.

I'm well, thanks for asking. Only two months off the bike due to the wrist broken in December, except when violating doctor's orders which he later said he knew I would do. I skied about 6 weeks after the fracture but I promised the doctor I would take it easy, no falls. I brought my niece with me to the Blue Knob gathering (my return to skiing besides some XC around the neighborhood, at first with one pole). I stuck with her on the easier slopes and matched her slow pace, thus avoiding the temptation to keep up with the Bears. Some of the gang skied a few runs with us at our pace which was nice. :)


My collarbone hasn't started to heal yet, but it's only been seven years since I broke it. Haha.


In my experience and as I understand it, once the callous has started to form, it's very difficult to disrupt the healing process. Your doctor maybe erring on the side of caution, which is a good thing, but I don't think you need to worry at all. I've never been as busted up as you were though. I'm glad you're healing well!


A friend offered to lend me a bone healing machine, but I didn't think it would help as I had already resumed my normal activity and was not able or willing to sit at home with the healing machine.


When does the part of 'Obama Care' prohibiting insurance companies from denying treatment of pre-existing conditions kick in? th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Rod, I'm not one to sit around, as you can imagine, and I did a lot of stuff I wasn't supposed to do when I broke my wrist a couple years ago.


With this bout of broken-ness... I still walk the dog a couple times a day, and try to maintain a normal life, while staying off the bike, and I won't even get into what this has done for my golf swing!


But, the Ultrasound Bone Healing gizmo is only 20 min a day twice a day.  I can easily do that while visiting friends, having coffee or typing on the computer, which means that I can get some work done.


I'm glad to hear that you're doing well.

Wish your clavicle healed better.


Xray from Dr apt August 19

Broken Clavicle 4 weeks


X-rays at 8 weeks Sept 16

Broken Clavicle 8 weeks

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Bummer TC.  Get well soon!


The only time I broke ribs was during a fatal head-on car crash -- I broke three or four ribs but was otherwise unhurt.  I remember it took a good long time to recover (months sounds right) but I don't remember how long -- the psychological recovery was more on my mind than the ribs.


Take it easy, take care of yourself.  




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it looks like you broke your clavicle too? Looks like you are making good progress on the fracture healing. Your second or 3rd rib fracture also looks much improved.


what device are you using?


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Yeah, I'm not sure if I posted it earlier, but I did break my clavicle as well. 


I'm using a Smith and Nephew Ultrasound machine.  I only used it on the clavicle because its not (reportedly) effective for ribs, because it needs somewhat direct contact with the bone.  Since the clavicle is close to the skin, it was an obvious win for healing


I've also been taking a supplemental Cal/Mag/Zinc/+D


With all the fractures I have/had the doctor is impressed with the mending.

I'm kinda frustrated because its coming upon 2 months, but everyone who's done anything like this says that I'm just impatient. 



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midwest pete could perhaps photo shop some safety accessories onto your florida bike, training wheels, roll cage, you know....then it would be safe to ride on the Flume


get well soon

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