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I don't see why anyone is surprised, this thread is typical Yuki. Incoherent, confusing, strident, and slavering salvos of detachment from personal responsibility.

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I made a huge mistake.  I trusted.

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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post

By the way, a "PA" is not a doctor and from some of the scrips this wacko wrote she should have been flogged.

Do you have the slightest clue what you are talking about? Do you know how much schooling PA's go through to get their jobs? They can practice in every field a MD can, as long as they are under supervision of a MD (weither direct or indirect via phone, email, fax, etc). I can tell you right now that I'd almost prefer treatment from a PA as they see alot more real world shit than alot of doctors do, and usually get quite a bit more patient interaction. I have been in school for almost 3 years now taking pre-requisits for PA school, and its all the same shit that people going for MD's have to go through. Yea, PA's don't have to do residencies, but that is simply because they have a form of supervision to legally back them.


Aside from everything else you have posted in this thread I'd have to say you are pretty f***ing ignorant and should just stop now.

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I see a "PA" and if you read the rest regarding the scrips this wacko wrote .... after I checked with my doctor and his PA ... there were some terse comments.


Wrong med, wrong dose, even Wiki confirmed it.  Not to mention my doctors.


This incident (kid on the plane), does not come as a shock.  When they trained in different countries the instructors went off alone at night knowing that the kids .... 16 and younger knew where to get served and would get totally wasted.  Legal for Austrian kids, but that is not "supervision" ... our kids were supposed to be training by day and studying evenings according to the curriculum.


"Now we are going camping so you need knives" .... but a week later all of the good knives get confiscated?  3" blade good Buck that cost me $40.  Where did it go?  The dorm supervisor.


Bring WAX IRONS ... but a week later the "supervisor" takes all of the irons never to be seen again.  But who knows where they went (check e-bay),


The list of theft and hazing was endless. 



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Originally Posted by Rise To The Top View Post

They can practice in every field a MD can, as long as they are under supervision of a MD

Not exactly true, PAs cannot do surgery.


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This all has a familar ring to it. Schools can change a great deal, depending on who is running things. I went to a prep school in Vermont that was a great place, not entirely sterling academically, not tightly supervised, but this was a great thing. Think about a group of interesting people, learning to live away from home in spectacular natural setting, adjacent to a major ski area, with a certain amount of independence but with boundaries. I had a great time there and after I left the place it apparently went through an inspired period during which a kind of mixture of outward bound and academics prevailed. Everyone I have spoken with from that period indicated it was the formative  experience that set them on the various paths they pursued throughout their lives. Subsequently though the place slipped through the kind of flakey experimentation that was somewhat characteristic (at least in some circles) of the period following the 60's and 70's. The very strengths of the place seem to have been perverted into an environment that went way beyond laissez faire. I can't imagine why parents continued to send their children there except that they must have seeing the place as it once was and defending it against criticism as you folks are against Yuki's. The mere fact that it endured for a decade or so under increasingly poor management is testimony to the ability of parents to pull the wool over their eyes and to be hoodwinked. My school closed, CVA apparently has had a rejuvenation (or perhaps not).

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Originally Posted by mtcyclist View Post


Not exactly true, PAs cannot do surgery.


Then why am I scheduled for a surgical rotation? To stand and watch?

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Whoa - this is some serious thread drift - -drift - - -drift - - -

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Regarding some of my "oblique" comments, they are deliberate.


If you do not know "The Little Mop-Top Beatle-Wanna Be" ..... you were not there.


If you did not know about the Coach busted and took off for Canada (it was in the local paper when he bolted) ... you were not there.


There are three schools within the school so to speak:


Full Time, where the student starts in fall and goes right through to June.  The student lives at the school.


Seasonal, where the student attends only during the "race or alpine" season so it is about December to February.


Day School, and this appeared to be the bulk of the students.  A smattering of locals or many parents have a condo at the hill and "Mom" is there for family support and supervision.


CVA touts a strong academic program and I sent a strong academic student .... strong?  Try 99 percentile in math and science and PSAT scores so high we had boxes of offers and all at the age of like 14.  He was polite and respectful and a "low maintenance item".  Where the smarts came from were probably from "the milkman" or his mom.  On skis?  He made "States" but was no star and just loved to ski lift open to close.  He was quiet and tough and did some climbs where the whole group was crying ... try Webster Trail at Mt, Madison ... nary a peep.


Now, having solid ... can't remember even a B on a grade from 1'st on through .... and no, he was not pushed, he came as a natural in the classroom and wanted to be on the hill,  I was totally a hands off parent with his skiing and NEVER gave him a lesson even as an instructor.  Beside that he was better in a few short years anyway and I used to get pissed at the race parents who cheated or got on the kid for as 2'nd ... "being the top to loose" or "next looser" or some common cliche.  A few coaches down here had me work with their kids because of my easy style, one made it to Eastern finals.  The kid had some "issues" but we clicked I think because of the low pressure approach especially in the start house.  My point is I have never been a hard ass with skiing, you have to want to be there and no parent can make a kid perform if the kid does not want it same goes for a Level 1 class.


Why did CVA want him?  I believe it was because there are very, very few true full time students.  You will often hear terms like ... "bed warmers" ... that is because those cold beds for the part time (winter term) and locals do not produce revenue.  CVA or GMVS is a business.  It is just like GM or McDonalds and the eye is on the bottom line and I am quite the realist, it is not a charity and has to survive and yes scholarships for the top kids on skis can help a needy kid and/or it's good for the business; I am not opposed to them making money.


But they put on a good show and for those of us (dreamers or searchers), who do not know this from the inside they lure you in.  I think my kid was supposed to make them look good with his background and high scores.  Now, does it matter how your child will be treated depending on the level of donations or "tips" to the instructors?  In my opinion it does.  The guy who pulls in with the Ferrari and who is not hot on skis but writes a fat check can steal, cut up a $2,000 mountain bike as a "prank" and nothing is done?  The rich kid gang pretty much takes over and the little mop head hides in his room and sees nothing and hears nothing.  I sent up a kid where equality and morality are important issues.   He got reality.  Sad but real.  Money talks baby!


And Bode, our hero that got kicked out is still the icon, stuff of legend.  Now either Bode lied in his book and the folks that had him lied, but staying drunk by breaking into the trucks over at the local watering hole ..... I assume that is where you got the "Yeti fence" thing from .... the Bode who at 12 is swilling "red-eye" whiskey (really read the book yourself) .. "Home Schooling" to his mom was dumping him off at the hill at like 7 (not a typo seven years old), with no money, no lunch (free crackers with catsup every day), and no ride home hitching with his little sister like 12 miles.  Sorry, this is not "home schooling" but despite the booze and his parents he made it ... but he trashes those in the book who got him in school and into the gates?  I am still scratching my ass over some of this.  But up at CVA he was and is still the man and if he can make it drunk in the eyes of a kid that sounds like the way to go?  It is also like the myth of the kid from Harlem dropping out of school to "Make the Lakers" .... Bode is the one in 10,000,000 who make it despite the odds and despite themselves.


VA, when it comes to pot or drinking I made it through the military during the "Heart of Nam" ... so I got a bit of Bode in me for sure.  I also am amazed that I survived and I am painfully aware of why I almost didn't and if were not for skis .... I hope the kids who think they can dance between the raindrops, like the "myth of the Harlem kid" , survive.  I got lucky but all of my ski friends from that era are gone.


There is an age and time and place for everything,  But I do not think it is proper for a school to proclaim the joys of anarchy (they did), the use of drugs (they did), lie and have two standards (they do) depending on donations.


If you are there as a parent who is lucky enough to afford a condo or "camp" as they call it to offer support ... you can't farm that out to a bunch of strangers.


Regarding deleting posts critical of instructors ... you are nuts.  If you are that afraid of criticism as an instructor you do not belong there.  I learned a lot and can honestly say I gave each class 100% of whatever I could.  All the good stuff I knew came from other instructors ... each more a sensei ... and mentor.  I learn by them being honest and critical.


What I have learned is that the biggest defender of the "status quo" has some financial  interest and wants to silence anything critical.

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That is the post you should have started with.

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I'm sorry but you (Yuki) are still not making any sense.  Bode Miller attended CVA as a high school student more than 15 years ago, how could he possibly be held responsible for the quality of the school's academics, medical services or supervision of students?  

I can't see why he can be blamed for his parent's childrearing methods, the unrealistic ambitions of ski-school students or class bias at boarding schools.

You criticize Miller for trashing nice people who you believe helped him, yet in this thread you have accused teachers at CVA of stealing from students, preaching anarchy and the free use of drugs, accepting "tips" and general neglect.  How is this not a trashing? You have a right to speak, but so does Miller.

Of course the students of CVA admire Miller – he is the most successful skier who has attended their school. It would be strange if they didn't. He is not the first elite athlete who drinks (Mickey Mantle anyone?) and won't be the last. His partying has been frequently publicly criticized and blamed for every loss and accident the man has had. I bet the students are aware of that too. The world is full of charismatic, successful people who we don't want our children to emulate.  They have to learn to judge heroes as well as peers just to be alive. 


Vietze binge drank just like any number of Americans his age do, kids who do not ski and have no idea who Bode Miller is. If blame lies outside of Vietze himself, how about putting it on the coaches who supervised the camp, or his friends who drank with him -- the people who were actually there and knew him. Vietze is old enough to get married, sign for thousands of dollars in school loans, join the Army, die in Afghanistan; he is old enough to take responsibility for his actions.


I hesitated to write because it appears that there is some tragedy concerning your son and skiing or CVA. If that is the case you have my sympathy.


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Is Nobis's fourth DUI Bode's fault too?

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yes, everything bad that has happened in the last 50 years can be traced back to bode miller and CVA. let's look at the list:


cuban missle crisis

kennedy assasinations

MLK assasinations




elvis presley

short skis



the bad years of saturday night live

rear entry boots

jimmy and tammy faye baker

evil kneivel


reality TV

40 meter GS skis

sandy vietze bladder control

all 4 of jeremy nobis DUI's


strongly suggest that you do not let your daughters go to CVA or date bode miller


damn this tongue, it's still stuck in my cheek.






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All ive got to say is high schoolers will be high schoolers. Most of us probably did stuff in high school that were not proud of or that we should've been in jail for. Young immature and dumb pretty much explains it.

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