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Backstory - Good friend of mine decided to get into touring last year, hes a decent skier but doesn't get many days in due to work/family obligations. We got him setup on a pair of BD Voodoo's and he was not a fan. They were great for the uphill (mounted with Freerides and paired with Garmont Megarides), but he just wasnt able to get used to how they actually skied. It's a pretty stiff ski and his technique is raw so it wasnt a great match, they really need someone who can drive them.

So basically I'm looking for something a little more responsive/turny with better flex. The Voodoos were 175, I think he'd like to stay between 170-178 in terms of length. He skis mostly in Vermont/NH.

Would be willing to unload the Voodoos (barely used) with bindings and skins, however we'd need to have bindings coming back if thats the case. Appreciate any offers, thanks in advance.


Voodoos below: