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New Age Grouping Out

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The new ages groups are now available here

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The matrix does not include this coming season. There will be no changes from the previous system for this fall. As I understand it, after this coming season, everyone will stay in the same age category for one extra year.


No word yet on what implications this, along with the FIS equipment rule changes, will have for USSA equipment rules.


USSA has been very slow to post the minutes from the Alpine Sport Committee meetings in May, and still hasnt come out with the Summer Alpine Update (it is usually out in mid-July). That makes me think the committee is still working on things. 


According to a pdf on the dynastar site, there will not be any changes for this season:




I wish that USSA would come out with a clear statement about what the equipment rules will be for the next few seasons, and then stick to it.  


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