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My family and I were at Squaw over the weekend.  For August, there was a lot of snow.  Check out National Chute and Siberia Bowl:


Siberia Bowl


A fair amount of activity has been gong on.  The front desk staff at the Village said a lot of executives are staying there right now.  They've taken down the Newport lift (and perhaps Mainline as well).  Depending on who you ask, they're gone for good or being refurbished.  In any case, the east parking lot has the evidence, brought by helicopter I'm told.


Newport Lift


And a look inside a lift house:


Newport Lift House


In that same part of the parking lot, they're building a better water pump house for the valley.  Note Far East Express in the background.


Pump House


As advertised, the ticket portals are gone.  The view from the Members Locker Room:


Funitel and Village


And a much improved view from the Village plaza:


No More Portals


They are hard at work in close quarters.




The Truckee Tahoe Medical Group appears to have been spared.  North Face is in the Village now.


Medical Clinic


The Big Tree still stands:


Big Tree


The Mighty Tree continues its mightiness:


Mighty Tree


The view from the Sun Deck has fewer obstructing trees than last year.  Nose and Fingers visible here:


Sun Deck View


Lots going on.  A fair number of people around.  Some weddings, etc.  My family and some friends did the hike up to Shirley Lake (the lake, not the lift) and then on to High Camp.  It was really nice, and we got in a few good snowball fights along the way.  They're letting anyone down-ride the Cable Car for free this summer, which is a new official policy, but has probably always been the practical case.