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Advice on lightweight snowboards

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Hi everyone, so I guess I will start with my some different boards I've ridden and thoughts. I read reviews on the following site. I'm not sure how much the test each piece of equipment, but their reviews seem pretty good.


Anyway, Ive been on rossignol boards for the past 3 years, and I am a fan of regular camber. I rode a rossi one mag (regular camber) all last season. This is a great board. Fantastic edge hold, carves really well, great turn initiations, stable, medium flex, rides great switch. My only gripe with this board is the weight. Its not super heavy, but I would like to get into something lighter. My old rossi alias is noticeably lighter.


I rode a friends hybrid rocker burton last year (sorry I don't remember the model) but it was massive (like 163) and felt noticeably lighter than my 157 one mag.


Rode a buton blunt a couple of years ago. Hated the rocker but loved how light it felt.


A few boards Ive been considering are

K2 slayblade

Salomon answer

Salomon ace

Salomon official

Salomon special 2

Ride arcade UL


Does anyone have any insight or thoughts about the above boards or others I should consider? I find the review on good ride for the salomon ace interesting. It is a low end lightweight soft board with supposedly great edge hold.


Thanks for any responses!

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No advice on the boards, but make sure you factor the binding weight into the evaluation.

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