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I can get one of these skis for ridiculous 180€ new, but I can't decide between them. This will be my second ski beside a 110mm freerider. Primarily on groomers, when I've got the fattys near, but also as my one-ski-quiver if the freerider is not ready to hand. 


I'm 5"9', 170lbs, skiing in the alps and I love to ski very fast and aggressive. There are many different opinions about the Wateas round here, some say it has a speed limit on groomers due to its softness, others find them stiff enough and rave about the edge grip and power. The Prophets might be better on groomers because of their titanal layers, despite the 6mm extra width. But the majority of the german and french testers say that the Watea is an excellent piste-carver, also on hardpack. I can't test them, it's summer. But for that price...


Shit. What to do? I have to decide by tomorrow.th_dunno-1[1].gif