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Originally Posted by jeff2010 View Post

Thank you very much for the initial report -- I look forward to reading the rest. I intend to ski Portillo, or another South American location, in August 2013 for my 50th birthday, so even this information about the road up is fascinating.


I'm planning the same thing a year later, also for my 50th.

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Coolio. Thanks Bob.

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Wow! Looks like you are having a great trip!

Enjoy and please keep sharing pics!

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WTF BOB!  I want my daily TR with Pictures dammit!!!  worthless.gif

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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

WTF BOB!  I want my daily TR with Pictures dammit!!!  worthless.gif

Funny this is the first thread I check each morning now. ;)


Keep them coming!


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internet can be sketchy down there....  we'll cut him a little slack.... for now.......biggrin.gif

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Beauty shots eh.   Send more please.

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Boy! Youse guys are a tough crowd. The reason there was no report yesterday is that we skied right to the 5pm closing bell and I was too tired to deal with the tedious and clunky way I have to transfer photos from camera to iPad to editor to flickr to epic ski.



While all the obvious and easy powder is long gone, some adventurous traversing led to great pockets all over the mountain.

Bright blue skies and sun all day. We got some great runs on the Roca Jack/CaraCara side first thing in the morning. Then some locals told us the Lake Run was going To open, so we bolted over there and were among the very first to ski it down to the lake. That run is absolutely breathtaking in its beauty.

We skied it until the sun warmed it too much by around 1:30. Then had lunch on the deck at Tio Bob's and spent the afternoon skiing the Condor and LV slingshot lifts. Found lots of untracked (but junky) snow and skied til we could hardly move.

Karen dropping down Laguna Run toward Lake of the Incas:

Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr

Dave doing the same:

Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr

Afternoon sun-caused avalanche on the peaks across the lake. We could hear this one:

Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr

A fox that came by Tio Bob's:

Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr

Afternoon snow:

Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr

Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr

Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr

That's it for yesterday. Today was pretty cool, too. I'll try to get those up after dinner.
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Nothing like spending a sunny summer day heading down to the "beach" at the Lake of the Incas.    icon14.gif

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great job again on the pics.  Amazing Fox shot!  I love the way you captured the vastness of the terrain.  Nice job as usual..  No one sick yet?  I hope not!

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Speaking of vastness, I could not help noticing that in all of the pictures you've posted there is not one other skier sharing all that terrain with you.

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"Wow, that's Bob Peters!"
- Fox
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Okay, today...

More sun and blue skies. Hard snow in the morning, softening with the sun.

Speaking of the sun, I have to admit that while I was able to quickly conceptualize the water turning the "wrong" direction when it drains out of a bathtub in the southern hemisphere, the whole idea of having the sun to the NORTH of you during the day is proving to be very hard for me to internalize. I'm having a very hard time standing on a ski slope with the sun at my back and understanding that I am looking SOUTH. Trippy!

Today, we did more exploring off the CaraCara slingshot. A sketchy traverse led to some very nice remnant powder on the southwest aspect of some ridge lines.

Here's a case where the camera is flattening the perspective a huge amount. It's not that these slopes are insanely steep, but the camera really doesn't give an accurate feel for how much pitch there is on some of these runs:


Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr


Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr


Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr

This is the chairlift ride up the Juncarillo chair. It goes over the top of the switchbacks on the highway to the top of the pass. I've never ridden a chair over the top of major truck traffic, so I thought this was really cool:

Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr

Trucks under my feet:

Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr


Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr

Instructor and client getting ready to drop into Gargantua run. We skied this three times in powder on Monday:

Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr

Lunch at Tio Bob's:

Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr

Random afternoon skiing:

Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr

Slingshot lift operator:

Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr

Skiing off the LV slingshot:

Untitled by BobPetersJH, on Flickr

That's it for now. I'll answer all the individual questions when I am back at a real keyboard next week.
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Whoa - those are spectacular!

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Excellent, glad you're getting some sun.  When we skied at Valle Nevado several years ago, the only item I forgot to bring was goggles for flat light.  And the poster who indicated that most of the clients at VN don't track up the powder, was correct.  More for us!!!             smile.gif


I hope the rest of your trip is filled with more great skiing!!!             ski.gif

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Hey Bob, those traverses are very much like those found over in LaParva where the pitch at the base of the cliff bands is 40 plus but the rocks above make it appear much less.  Lots of great slots and shots!  Classic example of how you can find untracked in those parts for many days after a good storm. Just wishing you a blue bird day upon your departure! 


skibum, that was me and even smith sensor mirrors won't help when it goes flat,  true Helen Keller skiing..... 

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Thanks for sharing. I am really enjoying these pics (sitting at my desk at work).

Great so see you guys ahving so much fun and bid smiles on your faces while skiing icon14.gif

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Great stuff Bob!


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Wow, I can't believe how long after a storm you can ski powder.  I am ready to book a trip now.


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Tasty stuff!


So who else thinks Bob should be wearing a chest mounted video camera with a live stream?



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El verano siguente necesito visitar este lugar.   Gracias por compartir los fotos barbaros.  Nice shots of the shots!

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Great stuff.  These photos from the last couple of days appear to justify all your earlier efforts to get to the South American goods.icon14.gif

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Very nice indeed. Thanks for sharing it Bob. smile.gif


It's a whole different world than the one I ski in, wide open vastness with nary a tree to be seen, I'd get agoraphobic methinks.wink.gif

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Thanks for the great trip report!

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Damn you Bob Peters!  Summer was going perfectly fine then you had to post these photos!  


Wish I were there!

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Laying here in Reno licking my wounds and enjoying the immense happiness that oozes out from your TR!

Thanks for sharing!


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What a great trip!!!  I don't know how our inaugural South American ski trip could have ended up much better.


It's sad to not be skiing anymore, but I'm glad we're back in the US now and I'm at a keyboard rather than a "mobile device", so I can type and edit and post again.  


These photos are from Thursday.  We hiked up the shoulder of a ridgeline to the west of the CaraCara slingshot lift and caught some really, really good remnant powder.  Here's the group heading up the slope (and many thanks to James from upstate New York who was breaking the trail):




This hike was the point at which my camera battery crapped out.  I *thought* I had put a charged battery in the camera that morning, but halfway up the boot track I realized that the camera was incommunicado.  I could go on at great length to describe how outstanding the snow was from there, but you wouldn't believe me, so never mind.


What's really interesting about these photos is how FLAT the photos make the terrain look.  I've hiked a booter or two in my day, and this one was damned steep.  We were using our hands to help stay upright in a couple of spots.  Anyway, after the run I was able to warm the camera up enough to get this shot of what we skied.  You can make out the boot track going up to the highest skied point in the photo (and you can make out three other skiers who followed our boot), and my tracks are the ones to looker's right of the boot track.




Unfortunately, I didn't get any more photos the rest of that day.  That afternoon was the weekly ski race for hotel guests, so we all raced and just skied around the mountain in the afternoon.


I'll post more pics tomorrow and I'll give this little teaser... we had more great snow and I got some nice photos.  wink.gif

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Bob, you are a tease!  Waiting....



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No,this is great, drip-feed us.....  make it last Bob!  

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