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27.5 or 28

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When I measure my foot it is roughly 11 inches in length.


11 inches comes out to about 27.94 cm.


Would I be more suited for a 27.5 boot, or a 28?  How do you typically advise boot buyers when they have a foot size such as this?

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You look at their foot to see what boot will fit their foot the best, along with a few other options, then have them try them on while gentle assuring them that "yes, I know your toe is touching the front of the boot that's what we want... yes, they should feel a little tighter than the flip-flops you were wearing when you walked in... no, before you take the boot off because it's "too small" let's try buckling it, OK...work with me here a little..."


Measuring the length of your foot is pretty meaningless in the fitting process. Honestly, you can take the size shoe you normally wear and subtract 1 size for a comfortable performance fit and 2 sizes for an aggressive performance fit. It's at least as accurate as measuring your foot with a ruler then posting on the internet.

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As with all footware and clothing in general it is impossible to provide rules that treat every model and company identically.  The only way to determine if a boot fits properly is shell fit.



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