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Nordica Enforcer

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Found Nordica Enforcers on sale at Start Haus for 299.99. I went to my local shop in Steamboat and they had them listed for 450.00.

I asked the guy if he would price match because I like to support my local stores. He hummed and hawed, and said I was killing him. He said 299.99 was less than they paid for them. But in the end he matched their price. I picked up a pair in 185cm.


They only thing he asked was that I come back to get my Bindings from him since he made me the deal. I said no problem.beercheer.gif


Can't wait to try them out this coming season.

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You'll love them.  Great in powder and plenty of side cut for the run outs!  Enjoy!

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I seriously doubt they paid $299 for them... the mark-up on most retail goods is pretty significant (40 - 60%).  I assume skis are similar, although maybe I'm wrong.

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I do wonder what they pay for skis. I mean the MSRP on the Enforcers is 899.00


He had the 2011's listed for 450.00, but let them go for 299.99. So they must not pay too much for them

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I shop flexed these a couple of weeks back and thought I'd love them for days when it wasn't worth bringing out the Pow Plus, and for bringing along on trips out west figuring that I'd be covered with a PE if it didn't snow and Enforcer if it did.

I've never been so disappointed in a pair of skis before, they just weren't anywhere near the versatile tool I expected them to be. I understand the limitations of 99 mm waisted skis in tight EC terrain but these were terrible, the tail would not release from a turn and all the ski wanted to do was to keep going up the hill. Replica Watches Swiss Replica Watches Replica Watch Rolex Replica Watches

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Hab, if you like a smeary ski, the Enforcer is not for you.  Look at that squared off tail!  I find them amazingly versatile.  They slay the powder in the morning, are unflappable in the crud during the mid-day, and will take you to the end of the day ripping some big trenches on the groomed when both the fresh powder and the legs have kind of disappeared for the day!


Tip:  Try going old-school on part of the ski's tune.  Take a gummi stone and lightly dull the edges on the tails about 3 inches on each side.  IMO, that will diminish their tendency to "...not release from a turn.....and keep going up the hill."

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I'm with HB on this one.  This ski was much hyped last year and the year before so I took them out for a day at Mammoth.  I ski almost 100% off piste and like a fair amount of shape but these were way too hooky for me (which shouldn't be too much of a suprise when you look closely at those dimensions; especially tip vs waist).  And not to highjack the thread, that's what has me a bit concerned about this year's "hype darling", the Blizzard Bonafide.

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I freely admit to being somewhat of a Sidecut Whore.  I love the stuff.  Some people like less.  Luckily, there are plenty of good skis out there with widely varying amounts of it to suit us all!

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I love these skis.  Great for powder and crud, but surprisingly good at GS carves on the front side as well.  They like to be powered though turns and run fast.  Not for timid skiers!

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