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11 Year Cycle Solar Flares Peak May 2013

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I have always tracked the 11  year cycle of Solar Flares and how it relates to larger than normal snowfall during peak solar flare years.  Anyone else track the 11 year sun spot or solar flare cycles?


I still remember the winter of 1958 which got an unprecedented amount of snowfall  in the Northeast.  As you can see from this solar flare list, 1958 also had a very high solar flare or sun spot count. 


We all know last winter was a good year for snow and skiing conditions.  May 2013 will be the peak of the 11 year cycle.  This should mean 2013 should be an even better year than last year for skiing and riding.   Hey you read it here first. 


Here are the peak solar flare 11 year cycles for quick reference:










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This is predicted to be one of the weakest solar maximums in centuries. Is it the timing or the actual flares that correlate with snow?


Plus the regional variability of weather can mask an effect. Hot this summer? Not on the west coast!



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yes lots of variables.  Like you said,  timing is everything.  What is happening on earth may be very different than what is happening on the sun at that time. 


For example, most of the sun rotates on its axis about every 26 days.  The equator of the sun actually rotates at a different rate than the poles of the sun.  See solar Rotation.  This means in a little over 3 weeks,  earth will see the same sun spot activity area in the same  area of the sun. 

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As soon as I say it is a weak solar cycle, a big CME hits earth! My plane's GPS still worked during the height of it (at least I made it home). The auroras in Minnesota were supposed to be nice. And it is certain to snow there this winter!



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I am here in North Conway and took the train ride with my grandkids. Train conductor mentioned highest recorded snowfall on Mt Washington was winter of 1968-1969.  biggrin.gif

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tagging on to hoping for better snow next season,


yes, not to go all enviro crazy, but i was doing research for a book i wrote(fish bridges and ladders) and part of it was solar activity.


and we are entering a weak period, which should mean a lot more colder winters.


i was sure i was right as last summer it didnt get too hot, but this summer didnt follow. i'm hoping this is just a variation in a decade long colling from the sun as whether i'm right or not, i do want more snow on them hills in the winter(and cooler summers wouldnt be bad either).

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