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"Wound up" ski pole

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Anyone out there using the "Wound up" carbon fiber pole? I just ran into their web site at http://www.advancedcomposites.com/skipoles.htm

The price is $49.99 and if they are anything like the Kerma Banshees I just broke I would jump to buy a pair of these.

I have been looking at Kerma, Goode and some others but the prices are just about $100 on end of season sales. Ouch!!

Since they are made in Utah, I thought that Altaskier or one of the other Utaawns might have some knowledge of the product.

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I dislike the "pencil poles" I have used as the give & bend to much.
IceUSA, also of park city, makes a rigid composite for a reasonable price.
Had a pair for 6 years with no problem til they snapped this year. the breakage was completely my fault & I do not think ANY pole would have with std it.
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Buy some good non carbon poles, they will probly last longer. My scott GS poles are indestructable.
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I'm sold on Lekis 1/2 aluminium, 1/2 graphite poles. Very light, very strong, perfect flex, and the primary reason they made it 1/2 & 1/2 is for the swing weight distribution. It makes them truly have a precise and effortless swing. That coupled with the strapless clip system, theres no going back for me.
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If I'm not mistaken this is the same company that made my Wound Up bike fork. It's been so long I forget, but if this is the same company, then I bet those are pretty good poles.

I've been out of the bike scene for a few years and don't know if there have been recent quality issues with the makers of Wound Up.
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I agree with Todd. I goit a pair of the Lekis this year and they are great. I also have ICEs which seem to be totally indestructible. I can't remember how long I've had them, but I'd guess since '95 or so.
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I have the greatest ski poles ever. Volkl W Cup edition ski poles. I picked them up in spring/summer of 90 or 91. They used to have painted silver shafts with hot pick baskets and grips. They still have silver shafts, mostly because they are aluminum, not because they are still painted. One basket is still pink, the other black. They look like hell, but I picked them up dirt cheap over ten seasons ago and they still rock! After all, they are poles. If they ain't broke, don't replace them. Why spend money on poles when you could be spending money on stuff like ski passes, or the bar after skiing?
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Just opened this thread for the first time today. I'll keep my eyes open for these and let you know my opinion. I'd like to take a look at a pair as well, they look alright, but I am questioning stiffness and durability, as with any pole in this price range. I'll let you know if I run into a pair anywhere. I'm curious about warrentys.

Alum poles suck, they bend, and annoy me. Composite poles are where its at for me, I like the durability. Pencil poles as described above do tend to be flexy in my experience, and I prefer a stiff pole. (stop laughing perverts, man that did sound stupid)

My current poles are some kind of Scotts, price was about $80, and they were replaced late last season for $10 on a warrenty issue. To me a pole should be like a good binding, transparent, requiring little thought to use. If I'm thinking about it, it usually means I'm not happy.
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Mal - two main pairs here. Ancient Scott Classic alumiminus, complete with an old Leki Grip -the kind where there is just a strap that you cinch down on itself - no buckle - best grip ever! a big time basket for powder days on those.

and a set of Scott Graphites that I like a lot. Very light, very stiff ... totally not 'Goode like'. It's a shame the Leki grips won't fit on the graphites... I'd be pretty interested in a Wound up ski pole. I went hole hog on a bicycle last summer and the 'Wound Up' fork was an upcharge to an $1800 frame/fork. I didn't do the fork as I'm still addicted to steel and wanted a totally 'purist' ride. Goofy, but then Hey - I resemble that remark :
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Hard to beat a pure steel ride, eh, Mal?

The Wound Up fork works great on my aluminum frame, however.
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Nice race pole prices:

I decided to actually pay for poles for the first time ever after breaking the 10th and 11th sets of poles I've owned in 17 years of skiing. :
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Hey Bad Rat, we have skiing and bikes too ! I live out in the Gorge on the Washington side. We should ride this summer. My wife and I are both into steel frames and Campy. She's a Bianchi girl. I took the plunge on a Waterford. There is just something about the looks of a lugged frame. This one is an 853 tube set, looks like it might have been built in the 60's but it's just under 19 lbs and man what a sweet feel. Thatt's with the steel fork. I talked with Richard Schwinn at the factory and he told me not to order the Wound up or the Reynold's Ouzo as the geometry of the frame I chose was really wrong for the straight blade. This thing handles very nicely so he may have had something there. Of course, he may also have had a lot of Waterford steel forks in stock and I don't know what I'm missing too... :

You should come on out and help us grind up the hills! - or we should meet up for the bridge pedal - Hey maybe an Epic Ski, Portland Chapter meeting for the bridge pedal ? Could be fun! I think we'll be up to the hill Friday mid-day. It might turn into Saturday AM though. Best!
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